Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve traditions and how we celebrate it in the Philippines

While everyone back home are celebrating 2013 , here I am sitting on my work pod. Spending holidays with our family is just one of those seasons that we will be missing if we opted to work on a call center / BPO industry. Yes, it gives us a huge wage but it also gives us a huge heartache as we will  miss those special occasions that we should be spending with our family. Don't get me wrong ,I am still thankful for my job though.  As this has served as  my bread and butter for many years.
Anyway , so much about the agony. It's NEW YEAR right? I should be happy to welcome all sort of good vibes!
Indeed, it is more fun to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines and it is just superb to celebrate New Year's Eve as well! So how does a typical Filipino celebrates New Year's Eve? Let me  just share with you some of my grown up traditions . We are not really into superstitions yet we do follow some old rules before the new year comes in. Beliefs that makes every members of our family to be positive about the coming year.
I've seen my mom exerting much effort in completing our New Year's tradition. These has been traditions that she saw over her relatives and religiously does the same thing every year. Whether true or not, we still believe that most of them gives so much luck to us.
Things that we should have on the dining table before  New Year's Eve dinner or Media Noche.
12 fruits that are round in shape. Symbolizes the 12 months of the year.
A cup full of cotton, rice and water. Symbolizes basic necessity.Something that we should not missed out.
Noodles. Symbolizes life. Long LIFE for every members of the family.
Ricecake. Symbolizes family.  Sticky food makes a closely-knit family throughout the coming year.
Coins. Symbolizes prosperity or simply be well with family's  financial status.
Just like any other families, we want to be financially ready every year. Be well provided by basic necessities (fruits, coins , cotton, rice and water).  And to be able to enjoy every inch of these fortune together.
For Money Luck
To attract financial luck and to welcome the coming year, Mom hangs money on our min-Christmas tree, curtains, windows and doors. We open all entry access and keeps all lights on. As soon as the clocks turns 12 MN, she will roll small rounded fruits inside the house coming from the main door, then she will shower coins everywhere in the house.
Also, to wear polka-dots every new year's eve is a must as it gives us some financial freedom  and good vibes individually.
And since we are not fond of firecrackers ( since we are all girls in the family), we use  car horns and whistles, pots and pans to make loud noise. We do make loud noise while we roam-around the house, this is to scare away bad spirits and bad luck. We do this (kids) while mom does the fruits rolling and coins showering thing.
Have you had your share with these? Please comment and let me know.

New Year 2013

Dear 2012 ,
You've been one of those most challenging years I've had. Though lessons were learned still I can't deny that you've brought many tears to my eyes and as I say goodbye to you, I may have one last favor to ask... can you please bring Mr. Pain, Mrs. Negativity and their little financial problem along with you?..  Please!   
I am now wishing to have a wonderful January, a lovely February, a Peaceful March, a stress-free April, a fun-filled May, and Joy that lasts from June to November, and finally a happy and worry-free December 2013 with my family.
May my wishes come true and may I have a charming and lucky New Year 2013 and so with my family and friends!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sisters LOVE

It has been a while since my last post and I am so sorry for that. I've been busy attending some personal problems. It is not new to you that I have  2 other girl siblings with gaps of 5 years each. And was not new as well that we live alone just by our mom , with out the help of our father. Not to brag but  I've been a bread winner eversince and have been a major financial contributor ( ofcourse with the help of our ever-supportive uncles- Ariel and Jojo) in the family. But aside from that, I've also been the shock-absorber . Things may come and go and passes through me -- of pain, failures, flaws.
It was just so lately that one of my sisters (the middle one) experienced a terrible heart-ache. Being the eldest, seeing them grown out to be a perfect lady-like person hurts me so much.  Well ,as they say , when you feel someone else's pain and joy as powerfully as if it were your own, you know that you love the person so dearly. So when that thing happened, I was so hurt that I cannot even move on. As if I am literally involved (guess that's how much I love my sisters).
Let me share with you what I have posted in facebook that made my friends cried as well.
"It really made my heart dropped to death seeing you in pain, God only knows how much I love you both. There were a few blazing hot little pains in me as I saw Japs in the same situation a few months or so... And now.. I froze as I watch you cry.. as if a flashback of our younger years lingered in my mind when something hard hit you so badly that almost left you out of breath.

I cried as I see those eyes... those are the SAME scared,confused-little eyes staring back at me 18 years ago, as if telling me to stop the person from hitting you. But what can I do? I'm just a kid like you.

I promised to myself that when we grow up , I won't let someone hurt you both.

And now that we're all grown ups, it shredded my heart more as I accept the reality that my promise will never come true.

In as much as I would like to be true to my words, I know I can't. I can no longer stop someone from hurting you both as we now have our own lives. It is with this pain that you'll learn to appreciate everything/every person that you currently have/with.. so the next time the same life/person passes by , you will strongly hold onto it/him knowing that your life will never be the same without it/him. And each time this happens , you come out of it a little stronger, it will always be your decision. You either cherish the moment or lock it in a box and at some point you will realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee.

-we'll still end up having the four of us even when our world turns up side down. Joveth Dare, Joana Marie Magat Dare, Jonellyn Dare
Before and Now
 How about you? Do you share the same feelings with your siblings?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

HPV Vaccination: Get vaccinated , I just did!

In line with the ongoing awareness campaigns in the fight against cervical cancer, our company demonstrates its support by making HPV vaccination readily available for all employees. Awareness is very vital in the fight against cervical cancer with that said being beautiful inside and out also entails taking care of one’s health. Our company is kind enough to take this campaign a step further not only by creating awareness of the dangers of the virus, but also by reducing the number of Filipino women who are at risk of acquiring cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases. 
Thanks for making HPV vaccination accessible to  US.

Nurse and Me

Box of Cervarix


Obvious ba? masakit kaya!

tatak HPV

Vaccine is AFFORDABLE!
Fight is WINNABLE!

Here are FAQs shared by GSK, the maker of Cervarix, HPV Vaccine.

Your FAQs on HPV
What is Cervarix?
Cervarix is for females  10 years onwards for the prevention of persistent infection, pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions of the cervix caused by Human Papilloma Virus types 16 & 18.
How is Cervarix Administered?
The vaccine is given by intra-muscular injection in the arms at 0, 1 and 6 months.
Do I need to have a pap smear or HVP DNA before getting the vaccine?
Screening is not a prerequisite for getting the vaccine. Regardless of the current status (whether you had a prior infection or whether you have a present infection due to HPV) you can be vaccinated.
If I have current HPV infection or a cervical lesion at present, will the vaccine help treat my present condition or will it worsen?
The vaccine will not alter the course of a present cervical condition. Vaccination will not treat a disease nor will it cause progression of the disease.
If you are already infected with one HPV type found in the vaccine (like HPV 16, you may still get protection against the other HPV type in the vaccine (HPV18) and might benefit from some degree of protection against 12 other cancer causing types.
It is important that you continue to consult your doctor and get necessary intervention needed for your current cervical condition.
Will getting the vaccine mean I don't have to get my regular pap smear?
Vaccination is NOT a replacement for getting a pap smear.  You should continue with the usual pap smear visits.  Vaccination together with pap smears will further decrease the chance of developing cervical cancer than with just pap smear alone.
Is a booster needed for Cervarix?
No booster recommendation as of the moment.
What are the adverse effects that I might experience after getting the shot?
Some may experience injection site like pain, redness or swelling, headache or fever.
Studies have shown that these adverse effects are temporary and may last only for 2 to 3 days and they are not server enough to result in the discontinuation of the complete vaccination course.
What if I missed my 2nd of 3rd dose? Do I need to start the series again?
If the vaccination schedule is interrupted, you just continue the series. No need to start all over again.
Should I miss my vaccine schedule if I have a cold or fever?
Mild, common illness like colds or fever are not contraindications to vaccination.
Can I get vaccinated if I am pregnant?
Due to lack of data on pregnant women, it is advised that you DON'T get vaccinated until after the completion or termination of a pregnancy due to miscarriage.
If a vaccine dose has been given and you found out that you were pregnant, there is no intervention necessary. It is advised that you discontinue and complete the doses after the pregnancy.

Get yours now! Save your life for your loveones!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Freebies from Bioessence with your new RCBC Bankard

1)     Open to New RCBC Bankard Cardholders from April 15, 2012 to February 28, 2013.
2)     Newly approved RCBC Bankard cardholders will get the following items when they use their new RCBC Bankard at participating Bioessence and Bioessence Gold branches:
  • FREE Hand Paraffin for a single treatment of 1 Whole Body Massage w/ sauna
  • FREE Diamond Peel for a single treatment of Basic Facial
  • 25% discount on Slimming Packages starting at P25,000
  • 25% discount on Warts Removal package worth P2,500 and above
3)     To claim, cardholders must present the voucher, at participating Bioessence and Bioessence Gold branches when they avail of the services, using their new RCBC Bankard.
4)     Promo period is from April 15, 2012 to February 28, 2013.
5)     Redemption period is one year from receipt of the voucher.
6)     Participating branches are as follows:
BIOESSENCE: West Avenue, QC, Binondo, Greenbelt (Makati), Las Pinas, SM Southmall (Las Piñas), Sucat BF homes (Parañaque), Visayas Ave. (Quezon City), Banawe Slimzone (Quezon City), Greenhills Shoppesville (San Juan), Connecticut Greenhills (San Juan),  Sta. Lucia Cainta Slimzone – 1st flr, Sta. Lucia Cainta- Serenity Spa – 2nd flr, Sta. Lucia Cainta- Bioessence 3rd flr, Tarlac, Lipa Batangas, SM Marilao, SM Bacoor, Davao, SM Pampanga- g/f, SM Lucena 2/f, SM City Tarlac, SM Masinag BIOESSENCE GOLD BRANCHES: West Ave (Quezon City), Marquee Mall (Angeles City Pampanga), Davao

This entry was posted in RCBC's Promos:

SM Cinema's e-PLUS Free Movie Day

SM Cinema’s e-PLUS  is currently giving away free movie tickets!! SM Cinema’s e-PLUS Prepaid Card is a simple and convenient way to enjoy the movies. With e-PLUS prepaid cards, you no longer have to endure lining up at the ticket booth to watch a movie. Go straight to the cinema, insert your prepaid cards and enjoy the movie.Get your own free movie ticket from November 22 till December 06 , 2012. And yes, this is for real! I just got mine!See here: 
 For more information, you can check  them here: SM Cinema e-Plus. Like their page and click this link to register. For queries, kindly proceed to the FAQs Album  or here: FAQs

I hope you can get yours too!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our very first trick or treat plus my very first Halloween DIY costumes project

I've been busy for a couple of weeks and I think I owe my readers ( if there are)   big time. Well, now  posting an event for Halloween. Better later than never!!!!!
So it is Halloween!?! It is not yet that time of the year but honestly , I have waited for this moment to come.   This is the very first Halloween that I have allowed my kids to do the trick or treat! I strategically thought and planned ahead of time to celebrate it. I let them grow a little first so they can fully understand and enjoy trick or treating. I did sew and made DIY costumes to make this first as memorable as possible.  Though  planned ,  we still encountered some problems as to where to go first. Options are SM Tarlac, SM Clark  and our Company's Halloween treat for employees' kiddos.  And since our company and SM Clark are almost in the same vicinity , we decided to go way South. Fun starts at: 7:00 am  for Registration @ the Mantrap. We arrived at 8:30 am , did some registrations then we immediately went and do treat or tricking per stations that lasted for 1 and a half hour. Then directed kids to join and watch Jolly Time ( a small party for the kids hosted by Jollibee staffs).  We also joined the costume contest and  before we knew it twelve O'clock rolled already and it means , we are late for SM Clark's Halloween treat. Nevertheless, we have been incredibly on our happiest as we enjoyed this very first with family, friends ( ninong and ninang of my kids)  and co workers. Though hubby and I were so tired as we came straight from our graveyard shift, still we managed to spend the whole day with the kids. We don't want to miss  things that we know will be cherished by our kids for the rest of their lives. We want them to remember that they had an awesome first Halloween trick or treat. And that their FIRST is really a blast!!
See how my DIY costumes looked like. 
Cade and Cale : The Navy Twin

Clian : The little drummer boy

Cyle : Gnomeo

some of my cut outs
 PS:  We won 1st runner up on Twin Navy Costume and a grand price for Gnomeo Costume. Not bad for a first timer right?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

BC Blogger's Meme: Why I love being a MOM?

family day = icecream day
It has been a while since the last time I write about a MEME for BC Bloggers as I am quite busy with work. But I saw that  another meme is up and is written by Working MAMA.
There are really certain things ( topics to be exact) , that can't stop me from writing. Not even on my busiest day.  Yes, and I just love talking boastingly  about being a MOM. So , Why do I love being a MOM?
Motherhood created a  major life experiences for me. God is really good for putting me to this special test. A test that is so hard and yet I am enjoying every part of it.
I am  maybe a new mother of four but I make sure that I cherish every moment as it goes by way to quick. I just don't want to get through each day -- but really enjoy each day -- because before I knew it these adorable little kids of mine will be all grown up.
Some say that I am on a difficult stage now as I have four tots at the same time. Yes, maybe , as my open letter can attest to that . Imagine the life scenario of setting up a small group of toddlers!?! Oh dear!....restless and uneasy as they may say. But don't get me wrong 'cause I don't have regrets after all.
Being a mom taught me that I am being loved, wanted and appreciated.
I just so love my boys so dearly..they simple bring out the best in me. Whenever I feel good or hurt , they are always quick in giving me a hug , a kiss and an "ILOVEYOU". 
A priceless feeling that you know their little mind says you are their wonderwoman!
Life just feels like it has more substance now. Now that I am a MOTHER.
A life that is too good to describe as "MAGICAL".
Have you had this  magical feeling as well? Share your thoughts ladies!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello ladies! It's time for CAPTURED THOUGHTS #1. If you are new with this and you wonder what does Captured thoughts mean to  Me, please check detailed information here.
photo credits to
Sounds familiar?
It was not so long time ago ( probably 3 years ago ) that I had this problem. And now while watching " PLEASE BE CAREFULL WITH MY HEART " , I got stock with one of the maid's  line: "Ang pag aalaga nababayaran ng salapi, pero ang pagmamahal at pagmamalasakit hindi nababayaran nito."
Whether you have decided to go back to work or just want to have some time for yourself, it is essential to find the best caregiver for your child. Most mothers find it nerve racking to leave their baby with someone else and it has been a battle for me to find and  keep one.  I guess everyone does, right? 

At first I thought ,the reason as to why I cannot keep a nanny to stay long is  because of the situation of having 4  tots in the house .But apparently as the years passes by, I have been hearing the same dilemma with friends, coworkers and even relatives. And to think ,these are good people like me and yet they suffer with the same NANNY hunting. We are offering a fair PAY , leave and credits and yet we are so unlucky to find the right one to stay. Other friends even stopped hiring one because it can add up to the stress. I , for once stopped hiring but since I really need someone to take care of the chores , I don't have any choice but to rehire those who are interested ( well if there are).
Are you also in despair in hiring and keeping a well-qualified, trustworthy nanny? Keep on sharing sissies!!

Liebster Blog: My very first!

I must say that I am humbled, honored, and at the same time excited to receive this award.   Thank you so much to you Sarah. You are of the first few people who took time to read  my site and I cant say thank you enough to know that you always take time to revisit it.THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
So, to keep you aware of the award   , let me share some potent points. 
Liebster is a German word that  means “dearest” or “favorite”. Other meaning may include sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kinda, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. The award recognizes new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 follwers (or friends) who deserve recognition and support for their contribution in the blogosphere. In order to accept this prestigious award, one must abide by the list of rules.
The Rules:
01)  Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
02)  Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award.
03)  Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
04)  Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.
05)  Absolutely NO tags back. Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.
RULE NO. 01 
I will not be posting the 11 things about ME  as I  have an entry as similar as this just recently. Please do refer to  BC Blogger's Meme: 30 Things About Me .
And now to answer Sarah's parked questions for me...
1. What do you love most about blogging ?
I want to build a relationship with all of you. I want to learn more from other bloggers  and MOms too. I want to get to know other women who were doing the same thing as I was doing and adapt as much as good things as  I can. I want to create an impact .. maybe not too big but I want to know that somehow my posts as being of help to everyone.

2. What  was the first song or tune that you sang ?

The greatest love of ALL. I keep on singing that pero talagang di kinaya ng boses ko.. Bata pa lang alam ko  na  pag laki ko magiging frustrated singer ako.

3. What was the first gift  that you had ever received ?
I can't recall , pero siguro toy yun.

4. What is one historical story in your family that you are most proud of?
None. Sorry.

5. When did you first learn to go home on your own?
Late bloomer ako, sorry. I think high school na ata yun , kasi narecall ko first year ako hinahatid pa rin ako ng nanay ko. 
6. When did you first learn to live on your own ?
When I was 25 years old . Tapos 26 nag asawa na ko..  haha.. late bloomer diba??

7. Who is your favorite author and why?
Too many to mention -- heto ung answer lagi nung high school kung either tamad kang isulat lahat or wala naman talaga kasi wala kang alam na author...haha ( naalala ko lang)..

8. What is (are) your favorite  movie(s) that touched on  history or based on real life events ?
Well , ung ANAk lang ni ms Vilma Santos ang pinakaunang movie na natouched ako as in ramdam ko kahit pa bata lang ako nun.

9. What do you do when you experience writer's block?
It's either I take a walk or I meditate ( ung as in literal na nakatingin ka lang sa isang bagay).

10. What book or story that you will never get tired of reading?
Well , it was just recently that I got hooked up with 50 shades of grey! It  examines the rise of feminism!! Agree?

11. What difficult decision had you done in your life that was worth it?
Well, fighting for my husband is a decision that I made that is really worth all the pains. It's a long story but to give you an idea.. It has been a long battle as to continue with the relationship or not as someone from his  past does not want to let go of him and making things miserable for us.  It came to a point that we want to let go of each other because we are being hurt so deeply and unlikely things are being out of our control. Hopeless as we may say .. But Life is a fight, and even though it seems like you’re going to get knocked out, you must keep on fighting! And that's what we did.. We fought for our LOVE. 
Sorry  for I cannot come up with 11 as  I only have a few for this. 
Jenn Ji Hyun of  Memoirs of a Sassy Girl
Balut of Balut Manila
Reese of Random Thoughts
SANNA of Woman Scribbles

Girls, here are my questions for you!!! Happy answering!!

1. What is your greatest achievement so far and why?

2. How do you spend your free time?

3. To date, what has been your worst disappointment in life?

4. If you could start all over in life, would you change anything?

5. What are the best five words that would describe you?

6. Cakes or rice cakes?

7. What is your most favorite thing about yourself?

8. To be afraid of or to be liked?

9. What makes you smile?

10. What do you want for this Christmas ?

11. And what is your 2013 New Year's resolution?
RULE NO. 04 
See you on your blog site sissies!!
RULE NO. 05  
How I wish I can link/ tag back Sarah!!! 

Let's spread the AWARD and let everybody feel that they are WELCOME!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cebu Pacific Careers: 200 Positions for Captains, Engineers and Flight Crews

Candice Iyog, the airline’s vice president for marketing and distribution confirmed that Cebu Pacific is looking for dynamic and qualified individuals who wish to be part of the Cebu Pacific family.

“With our expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific region, Cebu Pacific remains committed to providing high-paying jobs, a fun work environment and unlimited travel benefits to even more people.”

In October this year, the airline will launch its newest hubs in Iloilo and Kalibo. As it will introduce five more domestic routes into its extensive network. And by November direct flights between Iloilo and cities like Hongkong, Singapore, General Santos, and Puerto Princesa will also start.

Cebu Pacific expanding its workforce with 200 more positions available for pilots, cabin crew, and technical and non-technical support crew. This is time for 2 brand-new Airbus A320 aircraft deliveries later this year, and 7 more aircraft in 2013.
Aug. 30 would be the interview date for interested applicants such as Airbus captains and first officers,and technical support specialists (IT support manager, business systems specialist and quality assurance manager)

“Those applying for non-technical support professionals can also submit their resumés during this time,” the company said.
And by Aug. 31 , it would start accepting female cabin crew applicants between 18 and 25 years old. Male cabin crew applicants may also submit their resumés on that day.

Cebu Pacific is the largest airline in the country in terms of number of passengers served. The company has 32 domestic and 19 international destinations. Not just the leader in low fares but also in innovation and creativity! 

Please check: CEBPACIFIC

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inside the Mind of a Toddler 1

Convo with Clian while sitting on the couch:
Mommy: Beb, this area is what we call LIVING room. It is where we gather and watch TV.
Clian: OK mom.
Mommy: When we say BATHroom, that's were we take a bath.
Clian: OK mom.
Mommy: The BEDroom is where you can see our bed ofcourse.
Mommy: The DINING room , has the table where we dine while the KITCHEN is where we cook.
Clian: OK mom ( sabay walked away, nabored siguro)
----AFTER 15 mins----
Clian( running before me) : Mommy? ( while pulling down my shirt to get my attention)
Mommy: Yes, beb?
Clian: We gather and have TV in the bedroom , what do you call it then?
Mommy: HMMMMM... Nasambit ko na lang: GREAT THINKING ANAK! :)
Life with  toddlers can be easier if you learn to see the world through their eyes.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pray for the Philippines

God please stop the heavy rains and flood. Protect and keep us safe. And guide us wherever we go and help us not to loose our faith in times like this.We pray for the safety of our family and fellow Filipinos.

 Tarlaquenos  fear just happened. Part of Tarlac dike has given up. God pls have mercy on us! If this will worsen, our place will be flooded as well.

The Dike in our area - AQUINO Bridge in Tarlac

Picture of Tarlac Dike


Monday, August 6, 2012

How I made my Blog Button with a Grab Box

WoW!  I never thought that blogging could also be this challenging.  Well,  I am not so computer naive but to tell you , I am really having problems with HTMLs.  I envisioned blogging before as full-packed of writings and writings alone. But I think a lot of people made things so difficult for not so techie mom like me. Well, having a techie husband is really a plus. "Two heads are really better than one". When I have something technical about blogging , hubby comes to the rescue not unless  there are tutorials as easy as this that Morgan  offers on her website.
It's a good thing that I have dropped by her site when I am looking for tutorials on how to make my own blogbadge. She just made things so easy for new bloggers like me. You may wanna check on her as she has so many simple yet useful tutorials to offer and these are really based on her own experience. You can never be wrong if someone else experienced it already. Right? A site that is worth a referral. NO, no I am not being paid for this but YES I recommend this site to anyone interested.  I can say that this whole blogging world helped me practice good values like returning the favor even if not necessary specially if someone helped ME tremendously ( well I consider all HELP as TREMENDOUS). That's how I perceive help in any ways.  haha.
Yeah , that's the story of my own blog badge and its grab box. And I am wishing that I have done things just right.
Please check it out! And Oh you might want to grab it as well! Thanks in advance:)




Friday, August 3, 2012

Captured Thoughts

In our lives we always say that we regret some of the decisions we have made in the past. As the old saying goes: NO MAN IS AN ISLAND.
Most of the time , we based our decision and actions on those things that we  thought could give or put our lives in a better place. Or we learn from someone else experiences.
Most appreciated ones are opinions coming from family members, friends and peers. But what if you lack the courage to ask?.. Specially if  it is something that will humiliates you. Sometimes getting thoughts from someone else who does not know your personally are better because judgements are not bias. General and concrete.
Reason why I created Captured Thoughts.
Captured Thought is me capturing some of my thoughts  and questions about motherhood and life in general.
It would be a series of posts - MOSTLY QUESTIONS like WHAT IF YOU ARE ON MY SHOE,  how do you handle this thing?"
Or it can be  a PHRASE , POEM , something FAVORITE and how you perceive it.
Everybody's welcome to give thoughts and ideas.
There's nothing more fun than sharing and exchanging sudden thoughts. To give insights to others and gain substantial ideas from the readers.   It is an exchange of thoughts derived from a captured moment.
Hope you share your Captured Thoughts with me. 
You might not know that someone's life got better because of YOU.
I will be updating you soon ladies!

Grow A Garden - MY GOING GREEN in 2012 intiative

I am browsing my  mailbox when I stumbled upon my entry with  "GOING GREEN in 2012" contest. It is an initiative made by my company to join the campaign to be the “Greenest "BPO"  Site” in the Philippines. It is to be engaged in an all out war to reduce carbon footprint. 
What is the “carbon footprint”?

It is actually the amount of carbon dioxide and/or equivalent gases that we inadvertently create in our day-to-day activities.  As we all know carbon dioxide is called out as the main gas that is responsible for global warming so any initiative we undertake to contribute to reducing this cause goes a long way.  As the old adage says: “every little bit counts.”

There are a lot of practical ways we can contribute to this.   With that we were advised to send our entries on how we can contribute to “the cause” and how we can quantify the savings generated by that idea.

The winners stand the chance to win a personalized iPod Touch (each) to encourage everyone to be creative and innovative in making a positive impact to Mother Earth, but unfortunately, I did not win.sigh. Anyway , I still want to share this with you guys since I know , I deserve to win. LOL.. No , I am just kidding. Judges might have seen a better idea than this and I respect them for that.

Anyway , just sharing my idea here. And here is the entry.

Name: Joan Dare Estacio

Department: -------

Suggestion Concept
: Grow-A-Garden   (Organic Garden) >> kita nyo naman sa title pa lang ng entry ko , catchy na.

: This will restore the environmental imbalance by eliminating the use of chemicals that accumulate toxic dosages.

Impact (Optional ): Grow-A-Garden
   is my idea on how we can reduce our carbon footprint .

This idea  may sound out of the topic but as you read through it, you will learn as to why I consider this as one of the best ideas for this specific campaign.

It has been an old initiative to conserve energy to lessen impact on our planet and there were  proven ways taken to cut this negative effect.  Some of us have taken heed by walking, biking, carpooling, combining trips, etc. just to make sure that we don't add up chemicals like dioxide and/or equivalent gases to the air. While we probably appreciate these efforts, still we need to do more and create more ideas. As the old saying goes, the more, the merrier.

So what about this Grow-A-Garden concept? Growing fruits and vegetables on your own backyard seems to be a hard thing to do. Yes it is. But considering the benefits of it, will make  you think that it's  worth a try. Aside from improving our environment and having our own source of flowers, fruit and vegetables, we often overlook the other benefits that gardening provides us. Other than :

1. health benefits:
When everything you need grows in your backyard,  vitamin content of fruits and vegetable are at their highest levels as you bite into them straight from the garden.

2. food quality  :
When you grow your own food, you don't have to worry about contamination that may occur during the process.

 3. cut expenses
: You can cut your expenses on groceries as your bill will shrink when you stock these fresh products produced from your garden.

  In a mere fact, it help saves the planet in many ways.  If you will grow your garden using organic method , it will  enhance soil structures, conserve water, mitigate climate change, and ensure sustained diversity among and within plant and animal species in an environment. This can be done by  eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms which we all know are chemicals that accumulates toxic dosages. This is not only an improvement for human health  but also for the variation of the different organisms found within a specified geographic region. Having that said, you’ll spare the earth the burden of unnecessary air and water pollution. Organic agriculture restores the environmental balance and has none of these or other such deleterious effects on the environment and these are perfectly safe for human consumption.

Did you see that?.. I even provided 4 sensible reasons as to why the idea is awesome. Now, you tell me.. isn't a great idea? 

Well, let me just tap my back for joining it. Better luck next time , Joan. hahaha.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nutrition Month 2012

If you  have been following this blog, you'll know that it is our ( hubby and I )  first time to experience school activity because our eldest , Clian , is now in  K1.

In line with this , I would like to share  the first ever Nutrition Month we attended to. 
Last July 26 , 2012 Creston Academy celebrated Nutrition Month with the approved theme for the year 2012 "Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain!" . 

It is indeed a good idea to incorporate the importance of vegetables and fruits on these kids' little mind. And for the mommies to make healthy choices by incorporating a colorful variety of fruits, vegetables into their kids' meal every day. As early as now kids should learn how to  stock up and eat  fresh fruits and vegetables as a much healthier choice. Good nutrition starts with healthful cooking.
cuties from NURSERY
Colorful cut out pictures of healthful food , vegetables and fruits were worn by these little cutie-pies . Representing which they think the best among the rest.  There's nothing that can stop the beat!  All parents are excited to see their little ones perform. Imagine , we have 2 year olds on the board, so much excitement to see these babies dancing on the floor.  
A good reminder made by Directress Cel  as  not to expect much of these toddlers as this is their first time to perform on  stage. To stay calm if tots just stand there and stare at the parent. And not to be mad if they go out of the beat. Well, ofcourse, what do you expect from tots?  A big crowd might frighten them.
Other activity includes: Art , dance and cooking contests. Grab a look for the pictures below. 
contestants for the COOKING partners
Clian standing on their traced vegetables which are entries for the ART contest
Here's Clian's performance!
K1 kids ( Ram , Clian , Kimmy and Anika)

getting ready for the final moment ( while the rest are waiting for the teacher's signal to start, Clian has another agenda to do ( pictorial time) )

Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Golden Sun.
Won't you please shine down on me?

another picture of the K1 class now including Elica and Gilbert

Clian in his Mr Sun costume
PROUD parent here!!!! From work diretso Creston Academy just to see our sweety's dance move!

Truly , school activities like this are of a treasure. We have to enjoy every moment that our kids passes through and we need to make sure that we are there no matter how hectic  our schedules are. Let's be happy of what they can do and limit our expectations as these are just babies on the moves.
How about you? Do you spend time with school activities like this? You can always share yours!!

A day in my not so boring life

Another time to get to know each other as we send out little scoop for the BC BLOGGER MEME: A day in my not so boring life – a 24 hr chronicle of your typical day.  
24 hours which seems not so enough for me to do all my task.
I am not sure if I can  say that my daily routine is boring.. but well yes, IT IS.. lol.. because maybe I cannot afford to miss any part of it. I have to follow it strictly or I'll run out of time and MY very little nap time will be sacrificed.  
Not a typical day that you would even want to have. Some may call me SUPER MOM because of this schedule. But thanks to my mom and hubby because I cant be this Super MOM with out them. Yes,  it is something VERY exhausting..well what schedule would you expect if you are a corporate lady like me  with 4 tots on the side? hahaha..  still everyday is the best day for me specially that I can  spend most of my DAY TIME  with my kids ( reason why I prefer  graveyard shift).  Let me share this very boring , tiring thing that I do RELIGIOUSLY everyday.
 I work on a call center ,  I wake up in the evening at 6 pm.. so I think that will start the day for me.  Let me start it backwards.
6 pm :                                        wake up time
6 pm - 7 pm :                           dinner time( i have to feed my 4 little kids)
7:00 pm - 7:15pm :                  bath time
7:15pm - 7:45 pm :                  get dressed
7:45pm - 9:15pm :                   travel time ( going to office)
9:15pm - 7:30am:                  work time ( 10 hours of sitting and talking over the phone)
 7:30am - 9:00am:                 travel time ( going home)
9:00am - 10:30am:               dvd time with the kids along with miryenda/snack time since  they eat their breakfast at 5:30 am
10:30am - 12:00 noon:         SLEEPING time with the kids!!! Yipee!!! 2 and a half hours of sleep
12:00noon - 12:45pm:           lunch time PLUS will prepare kids for school at 1:00 pm
12:45pm - 1:00pm:                travel time (going to school)

____BORING PART_____

1:00pm - 3:45pm:              my eldest is in K1 and twins are in daycare. We have to accompany them since all are in preschool. And that would mean  , we have to stay in school for few hours ( with few hours of sleep) just sitting and making some chicka moments with other mommies or nannies. hubby stays with Clian, my eldest. And I stay with the twins. ( Clian has a separate school with the twins. The youngest who's 1 year and 10 months will stay at home with my mom. Lucky me that I have my mom to fill those time and  things that I cannot do. 

3:45pm - 4:00pm:              travel time ( going home with the kids)
4:00pm -4:30pm:               Homework time along with miryenda time
4:30pm- 6:00pm:               SLEEPING time!!!! Another 1 and a half hour of sleep 2 and 1/2 PLUS 1 and 1/2 = 4  hours of sleep everyday 
6pm:                                     OH NO!! I have to  wake up again
I may hate the idea of having a corporate life along with these tots but so far, I cannot consider this work as something that I would hate about because this call center work that I have helps and take up  all the expenses that we have. 
See you later!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BC Blogger's Meme: 30 Things About Me

I just got my first newsletter from BC BLOGGERS, it is another week of MEME time for the community.  And everyone are encourage to join and write about: "Thirty Things About Me" which was hosted by Sanna

 I thought of the things that I want to share with you guys that even my own friends does not know. I got excited to jot them down although I am  hesitant at first because it may take 2 days before I can finish it. But to my surprise I was able to finish it in 30 mins.

And now I am writing my own BC Blogger MEME. Please check them out!

1.  I am a frustrated singer. Every body in the family can sing except for me. sigh.
2.  I don't smoke or drink. - I just hate the smell of it.
3. I am lucky that husband does not smoke or drink as well.
4.  I am a home body. - I seldom go out. Even when I was a teenager, I rather
sleep at home. 
5. And with that I can say that I love being alone.  - Being alone is my spare time for my self. 
6. I love to travel though  I was never given a chance to do it. - reason why I wanted to be #7 .
7. Ever gorgeous flight stewardess.
8. Snickers are to die for.
9. I love my mom to the Nth power. - She'll stay with me forever even if I already  have my own family . 
10.  We are all girls in the family:  -MY mom, me , Marie and Japs. Just the 4 of us! 
11. I feel sexy on heels.
12.  I am on delivery room almost every year in the past 4 years. LOL 
13. I don't use any kind of powder on my face. - I am not allergic to it but it is just that powder does not blend well there.
15. I am always on the lime light and yet I  have a stage freight. How's that?..
16. I love DIY things. - hopefully I can post my tutorials here soon.
17. Oil pastel is my best friend and abstract painting is my forte.
18. I am the eldest ( daughter , granddaughter , niece , cousin) on my mom's side.
19. I am a spoiler. - my boys can attest to that. I think every mom does.
20. Arrozcaldo is my comfort food. 
21. If Snooky Serna has blusang itim well I have my own black  lucky- charm  skirt. - I use it during interviews. And I am really well charmed!
22. I have tried jogging and dieting multiple times -  like 30 mins jog everyday and 1/2 cup rice every day but I failed. I quit after the 2nd day. I just so love the rice!
23. I once cried on my birthday because someone forgot it! 
24. I love surprises and unfortunately hubby does not know how to set one. tsktsk.
25. I am looking forward to meet "CANADA". - and will do the snow angel on Christmas Eve.
26. I am a late bloomer. It is just now that I am enjoying my life.  - Live LIFE to the FULLEST! And let's enjoy MOTHERHOOD!
27. I am not a writer but I really love to write. 
28. I am starting to like books and I am currently reading "Fifty Shades of Grey " by E. L. James
29. I am looking forward to see my life stable 5- 10 years from now.
30. I am a new blogger. -Looking forward to meet circle of friends here. And I want you to be my friend! Yes, YOU! Linked me up and I'll follow.

That's it! Can we make it 100 Things About Me next time? LOL.. Enjoy!