Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 Simple Steps Toward Living A Better Life

Written by Geoffrey Schmidt

Collection of Dennisse Lisseth

1. Stop Tolerating
When you stop putting up with things that are within your control, you will have a lot more energy for yourself.

2. Make Everything Simple
The simpler you can make your life the more space and balance you will have.

3. Save / Stockpile
When you build up reserves in every area of your life, you can leverage oppertunities as they come more quickly.

4. Polish Everything
When you buff up and make a point to shine in every aspect of your life, you’ll be happier and feel better.

5. Orient Yourself Around What Matters
When your life is oriented around what matters to you then you will naturally have more clarity about what’s next.

6. Get Complete
Finish everything you start or completely walk away. Through doing this you will experience peace of mind.

7. Strengthen Your Foundation
When your needs are met, and your personal foundation is solid, confidence replaces fear.

8. Integrate Your Life
When you life blends and flows naturally as it you seeing how it should, then you will experience effortlessness. Everything then just feels like it’s falling into place.

9. Experiment and Improve Continuously
When you try new things or ways of thinking you become a more naturally creative and open minded person. This is another way to begin replacing the emotion of FEAR with CONFIDENCE.

10. Get Coaching
Business, personal, life, fear and phobia removal and more. It works, and if you’re committed to being your best, and quickly changing your current situation into a better one then you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Geoffrey Schmidt is a Master Certified NLP Life and Business Coach. You may contact him at Kamjah Coaching.

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