Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BOOK REVIEW- Emily Giffin's Heart of the Matter

This was my first Emily Giffin book. Although I did not agree with the overall storyline and the way it ended, I will still give this a rating of 4 stars. I got bored in the middle but luckily Emily was able to bring back  my eagerness to finish the story.
Dr. Nick Russo, Tessa Russo ( his wife) and Valerie Anderson ( his patient's mom) are the main characters on this  story.
 A couple that had lost their passion  on their relationship and focused on things that don't matter is the reason as to why Dr.Nick Russo fell for Valerie ,  a single mother  to a six year old Charlie. A tragic incident happened to Charlie that  lead their lives to dramatically intersect. 
A realization about marriage. Thinking how difficult a marriage can be. How much effort is required to sustain a feeling between two people--- a feeling that you can't imagine will ever fade in the beginning.
A story of infidelity  and forgiveness. Should you trust and give him another chance?
Marriages are funny , complicated, mysterious things and they go through circles. Ups and downs, like and anything else ..and shouldn't really be defined as ONE ACT.
In one way or another , we might encounter the same problem in real life. Infidelity has been a wide issue for broken families. One thing came into my mind after reading the story , a realization that it makes two of you to work or ruin a relationship. As a wife, don't  let SIMPLE things ruined your relationship with your husband. SIMPLE THINGS that every wife should consider  like --- Be a better wife. Pay him more attention. Be more attractive. Never ever let go of the passion.
When uncertain things  happened, take time to think , weigh things right and act on your decision. As a mom , kids are always our top  priorities but to forgive is not the same as to forget. You might have forgiven him  but you can't move on as the past still lingers on your mind. Don't let your kids be the reason for you to stick on to something that you really can't hold for too long. Don't ever compromised yourself , if you think things will not work out the way they should, then letting go would be fine.

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