Monday, March 5, 2012

Pedi-Neb Pacifier Nebulizer

Nothing really worked well for me when administering aerosol treatments to my kids specially with my youngest. Not until I discovered that there is a PEDI-NEB Pacifier available to save me from headaches. Pedi-Neb Pacifier attachment makes aerosol delivery to an infant or small child . It is just an ordinary pacifier , similarly to traditional mouthpiece nebulizer.  The pacifier will calm your young child while he/she receives the treatment through the nose. This is definitely good for babies below 1 year old. Where was this paci when my little ones were less than one year? This thing is  really great! My 17 months old Cyle loves to use and take the medication. Check out Cyle  with his  Pedi-Neb Pacifier Inhaler Kit .


The only ding to this is that ,  It is costly and is not really available in the Philippines ( as confirmed by our Doctor) .
I have some doubts about that , reason why I immediately searched about the Pedi-Neb pacifier. Yes , he's right , I haven't seen this so far in the market (Philippines). 

Pedi-Neb Pacifier may range to $9.95 - $17.95 which you can only buy online.

  • Compatible with standard compressor nebulizer systems
  • Pacifier attachment meant for infants and toddlers use only
  • Medication is inhaled nasally with use of pacifier attachment
  • Reusable product must be washed in vinegar/water solution and replaced
How about you?How are you  doing this to your kids? Did you happen to see a Pedi-Neb Pacifier on your area? Please share your thoughts.


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