Thursday, April 5, 2012

Creston Academy Tarlac: the best school for my toddlers?

My husband and I decided to do some school hunting earlier today. We have decided to look for a good school to where we can send our toddlers.

Yes! toddlerS as we have 1 four-year old and 2  three-year old babies.  And when we say good schools , we mean "private schools" , please don't quote me as I have nothing against public schools as I, myself is a product of a public school. We would like to treat early education as an investment. Maybe, we're one of those few people who believes that young children who receive high-quality early education from infancy to age five do better in reading and math and are more likely to stay in school longer, graduate from high school, and attend a four-year college. With early education,  motivation,self-control ,productivity and abilities are being developed early. Investing on this, is the most efficient way to affect our children's lives and successes.

We happen to bring Clian with us since we would like to bring back his interest in school.  Clian, our eldest, happens to experience Day care schooling. Day Care schooling is a free educational initiative per barangay.  I let him attend this to expose him and  assess  his interactions towards different children's personality. But I got disappointed with the result as Clian does not want to finish the daycare program and worst , he does not want to go to school anymore. He has his own reasons as to why he does not want to  go anymore.  I regret the time I forced him to do the program . So now, as a first step , we involved him on our school hunting.

About a few months now, I've been hearing about Creston Academy, a new school in Tarlac that will open this year. Since it is new, I made it last on my list (although, I can't deny the fact that I got entice with the building structure and the environment.

Last to my list but definitely not the least. Not so typical school for me specially , if you'll compare it with the rest of the schools here in Tarlac. Thought , it's an International School with expensive tuition fee. Well, surprisingly , it is not an International school but I'm right with the price! Imagine, it is 2 times the tuition fee of my preferred school for Clian. Hahaha.

But man , you need to check on these pictures and somehow , you'll say , it is worth the price! 
Kindergarten's Room
Colorful tables and chairs / Cabinets with toys and educational materials

Meet Zoey! One of those who avail the free trial last February/ March 2012

Toddler's Library

It is so nice to see that preschool has its own library

Creston Academy Tarlac


Colorful Playplace

Right after the tour, Clian told me that he wants to go back to school again.hahaha.. magaling pumili ng school and batang ito! Should I regret allowing him to do the tour with us??..wink..wink..

Well, as they say " looks can be deceiving ". Yes, maybe I was impressed with these features but the big  question is  the quality of education that they can provide to these kids. 
If you'll ask me about the tuition fee, well, it is higher than the usual private school. About 25-30% higher. So if you're just an ordinary employee like us , you will definitely weigh things first.
But for me and my husband, the quality of education is our top priority . We want to make sure that the money that we will be spending on our kids' education is all worth it and we will definitely check on this. I'll keep you posted as I am allowing Clian and  the twins to try the free trial that Creston Academy provides. Unfortunately, we missed the first part of the program but they say that we can still catch up and can avail the free sessions in April-May. So to Creston Academy, good luck and prove to these parents that you really provide quality education and you are worth the price! Let's see how far we can go.