Monday, May 14, 2012

Creston Academy's Free trial

When you have a daycare center, attracting new clients is critical to retain enrollment in order to succeed. You have to increase its visibility through marketing materials, advertising, and referral efforts. Creston Academy offered a 3-month long free trial that anyone can avail last Feb- April 2012 . It is an initiative that they have to make to reach out  and spread the news.
Kudos to Creston as they were able to showcase what was expected from them. For me , it has been a  good marketing strategy  as it served as :
1. an open house to anyone  who would like to tour and check the facilities
2. a way to describe the high quality features of any special services offered
3. a way to see a real teacher and student  interaction
Unfortunately we missed the free sessions in Feb and March and it was just  this April that we were able to try it. My kids enjoyed this summer activity as it  boost their social confidence . Socializing  with other children is a skill that has to be learnt gradually, and some children will find it easier to learn it through this kind of activity. In a month ,this activity introduced my kids to the idea of sharing and taking turns . It is not a typical summer class as it dealt more on preparing the kids to the real world. Which is good ,  because my kids does not have a good grasp of letters and numbers yet. I believe that they will learn more by playing and by taking things seriously step by step. With this , I was able to see how they responded to Creston's environment and I was able to forsee how far they can behave on a real school environment. As a  proof,  they are always looking forward for another school day. Check out my kids pictures as they enjoy they summer school activity with Creston!!
Some of their activities are : Arts and Crafts , Games and Puzzels, Letters , Tracing and Drawing and Outdoor Games. 
Cade and Cale are fighting over Zoey

Cade and Cale's Ice Cream

with teacher Jem

Clian's clay work

Cale's play time

Twins enjoying their play time

Mirror! Mirror on the Wall! Who's on the yellow pole!

Teacher Jem with the twins

Family Picture

Community Awareness

Clian's artwork

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 See it for yourself! Enroll your kids now!! OPENING OF CLASSES IS ON JUNE 5 (TUESDAY)
See their facebook account for details @