Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorry , If I allowed you to see MOMMY cry. (letter to my kids)

Working with you guys all day can be challenging and stressful. Imagine, you wake up with so much energy and loudness, you even wake up before the rooster crows, you even wake up before mommy goes to sleep. I know at your age all you want to do is to explore , to crawl , to walk , to climb , to run and to be by your own. Forgive me when I yell, forgive me when I'm mad. Forgive me when I stop you when you are just having fun. I hope you understand why mom wants you to behave, I just don't want you to be hurt when you roam around.
Although , I've now learned several great toddler-taming strategies still never did I envision how challenging raising 4 toddlers would be. I can't imagine, you are just 4, 3, 3 and 1 .
Yes, I am writing this because you made mommy cry for the first time and I am so sorry if I let you see that. It does not mean that I got tired of you all. It is just that , there are feelings that turning up in places that I wouldn't expect!
Maybe , I just can't keep the feeling inside. I had patience but I think I was not able to control of my emotions , I have stood my ground though; I don’t treat any of you differently. No one gets special privileges; no one gets away with something which the other may not as I love you all equally everyday.
I'll spare you from pain and heartaches for as long as time will allow me to.


Happy father's day daddy!

Take our hands in yours and you will plainly see,
how very much we need you now, Daddy.
Thanks for your wonderful role-
so great, so good, so pure!
It may seems that we don't appreciate
because our little minds doesn't know how to cooperate.

As our little hands grow, we will need you even more,
to follow your footsteps as you are the father we adore.
Teach us to be kind and loving , your goodness is just right,
We can never be so lucky to be in your arms every night.

Happy father's day daddy Clem Estacio---WE LOVE you SO MUCH---
Clian, Cade, Cale and Cyle plus Mommy


Mom, over the years,
we've watched
the wonderful ways
you've made life special
for our family...
the moments of love
and laughter,
the traditions
and memories
we'll carry with us
throughout our lives.
But most of all
we've watched the way
you've shown us
the true meaning of love
in everything you do.

we've got all our good qualities
from you Mom.
Isn't it lucky you had more than
these pretty girls Joan Dare Estacio, Joana Marie Magat Dare,Jonellyn Dare
in your life!!!

Happy Mother's day MAMA Joveth Dare!!!!

God picked me for a special test. No higher calling than motherhood...and I am loving it!!

God picked me for a special test. No higher calling than motherhood...and I am loving it!!