Thursday, July 26, 2012

BC Blogger's Meme: 30 Things About Me

I just got my first newsletter from BC BLOGGERS, it is another week of MEME time for the community.  And everyone are encourage to join and write about: "Thirty Things About Me" which was hosted by Sanna

 I thought of the things that I want to share with you guys that even my own friends does not know. I got excited to jot them down although I am  hesitant at first because it may take 2 days before I can finish it. But to my surprise I was able to finish it in 30 mins.

And now I am writing my own BC Blogger MEME. Please check them out!

1.  I am a frustrated singer. Every body in the family can sing except for me. sigh.
2.  I don't smoke or drink. - I just hate the smell of it.
3. I am lucky that husband does not smoke or drink as well.
4.  I am a home body. - I seldom go out. Even when I was a teenager, I rather
sleep at home. 
5. And with that I can say that I love being alone.  - Being alone is my spare time for my self. 
6. I love to travel though  I was never given a chance to do it. - reason why I wanted to be #7 .
7. Ever gorgeous flight stewardess.
8. Snickers are to die for.
9. I love my mom to the Nth power. - She'll stay with me forever even if I already  have my own family . 
10.  We are all girls in the family:  -MY mom, me , Marie and Japs. Just the 4 of us! 
11. I feel sexy on heels.
12.  I am on delivery room almost every year in the past 4 years. LOL 
13. I don't use any kind of powder on my face. - I am not allergic to it but it is just that powder does not blend well there.
15. I am always on the lime light and yet I  have a stage freight. How's that?..
16. I love DIY things. - hopefully I can post my tutorials here soon.
17. Oil pastel is my best friend and abstract painting is my forte.
18. I am the eldest ( daughter , granddaughter , niece , cousin) on my mom's side.
19. I am a spoiler. - my boys can attest to that. I think every mom does.
20. Arrozcaldo is my comfort food. 
21. If Snooky Serna has blusang itim well I have my own black  lucky- charm  skirt. - I use it during interviews. And I am really well charmed!
22. I have tried jogging and dieting multiple times -  like 30 mins jog everyday and 1/2 cup rice every day but I failed. I quit after the 2nd day. I just so love the rice!
23. I once cried on my birthday because someone forgot it! 
24. I love surprises and unfortunately hubby does not know how to set one. tsktsk.
25. I am looking forward to meet "CANADA". - and will do the snow angel on Christmas Eve.
26. I am a late bloomer. It is just now that I am enjoying my life.  - Live LIFE to the FULLEST! And let's enjoy MOTHERHOOD!
27. I am not a writer but I really love to write. 
28. I am starting to like books and I am currently reading "Fifty Shades of Grey " by E. L. James
29. I am looking forward to see my life stable 5- 10 years from now.
30. I am a new blogger. -Looking forward to meet circle of friends here. And I want you to be my friend! Yes, YOU! Linked me up and I'll follow.

That's it! Can we make it 100 Things About Me next time? LOL.. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Techniques for Teaching ABCs, Numbers, Shapes and Colors : The Toddler Way

A few, if not all moms out there would agree that toddlers are restless and wiggly. They are hyper active all day long until such time that they fall asleep. Working with them requires a little more effort than what you supposed to be.  
Let me share with you how I handle my adorable four boys to learn  ABCs, Numbers, Shapes and Colors. These are just simple techniques that you can do as a mom and as their first teacher.  I call this : Techniques for Teaching ABCs, Numbers, Shapes and Colors : The Toddler Way
Yes, you heard it right! not 1... not 2...but 4 adorable angels. Now, ask me how am I doing that? :-)
 " Toddler " refers to a young child between the ages of one and three. It is a stage when kids are on their momentum of development. Mine are on the ages, 1 , 3 and 4. This is the very best time for me to set up activities that can boost an amazing developmental milestones .
The key to a successful training is not by forcing them to do something that you want them to do . It is but to have them embrace those things out of their curiosity. It would be a bit troublesome for others because not every kid are into this, but it is a matter of how you have them learn things the easiest and a more fun way. Here are my tricks that I do with my kiddos.
Photo Credit: Amy (
1. Eat with Shapes .There's nothing funnier than having foods in different shapes. This will definitely entice kids to learn shapes and spice up their way to mealtime. Well, you can use a cutter on sandwiches, cookies , pancakes and waffles. You can also bake cookies in different shapes and introduce each shapes to your child. Alternately, you can do heart-shaped cookies on Mondays, circle-like sandwiches on Tuesdays, star-shaped pancakes or diamond-shaped waffles on the other days. Searching for shapes to eat is
really fun. You can also try trickier ones like hexagon or pentagon. 
2. Play with Numbers. Count  me in! We all know how much kids love playing. There are so many tricks that you can do with this. Game is the best trick to teach kids. What I do is, I let my kids play hide and seek. And while others are hiding, I teach my little one to count 1 to 10. You can also try the classic board game that has kids counting  like snakes and ladder. 
3. Sing with ABCs. Small kids love rhymes, you can use this as your mean to introduce ABCs. You can start that up by singing the Alphabet song while holding up things to
represent each letters.
4. Work with Colors. When cleanup time rolls around, let your kids do the work. Encourage them to keep things by color. Give them  boxes so they can separate red from yellow and blue from green and so on. Then ask them as to what shows up most at clean up time.
How 'bout you? How do you do your tricks? Share it with us! And let's have a fun fun fun time with our Toddlers!

Friday, July 20, 2012

I am really missing you beb

Have you ever felt alone and lonely when your better-half is not around? Well,  I am a first timer for this.
After more than 6 years of being together , this has been the very first time that my beb has to go out of town with out me. The very first time that he will not sleep beside me. The very first time that I will not see his face in the morning when I wake up. He has to finish his seminar and On the Job training for 4 days. That would be 4 freaking days with out him . I am teary-eyed as I send him to the bus station earlier today . I did not expect to be too emotional for this simple thing. First of all , this is a work related trip. Second to that , it will just be for 4 days. But I don't care.. I can't explain the feeling  that I have here in my heart. I don't want to let him go!, not with out me! We cuddle for 30 mins while waiting for the bus to arrive. He never let go of my hand. I can feel that he feels the same way too. Never ending hugs and kisses until  the bus arrives. I watch him enter the bus as he waves his hand and says ILOVEYOU. I replied and I whispered  ILOVEYOU TOO as I turned my back away from the bus.  I took the jeepney headed opposite direction , I have to leave the place first as I hate to see him go. This is just the first night with out him and it feels like forever already. I wish Tuesday would come easily so I can hug and kiss him again. I am really missing you beb.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why it is ideal to check BC BLOGGERS

If you are a new blogger like me, you definitely know how hard it is to make your own community  to grow.  You need your community to maintain readers and visitors on your blog. Through words of mouth and link exchange, your community will help you spread the news that your blogsite exist. Although there are a lot of bloggers who offer link exchange it is but ideal to check on BC BLOGGERS .
BC Bloggers started as a link exchange program to help new bloggers put their blogs on the map.
With BC Bloggers  you don’t have to BEG for links. ( people you will meet here are willing to exchange links with you)
With BC Bloggers you can enjoy activities that would interest bloggers worldwide.
It is a must-try  one-stop shop blogger community with only three easy steps to join. Check out Paula for details.
Let's give it a try!..See you there!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Vaseline Shampoo: The Only Hair Care Secret For my Kids' Beautiful And Healthy

Like me, a lot of  people just do pay attention to their child’s hair. I've always been asked of what has been my "trade secret" as to why my kids have beautiful, soft, shiny and healthy hair. Also, I've been asked multiple times about hare care tips. Well, I don't have any specific ritual or style to follow, not even an extra trip to the salon!

The only thing that I always suggest is that : find a shampoo or a conditioner that works for you. Vaseline Shampoo worked well for my kids and it will always be my favorite shampoo for them. This has been their everyday shampoo right after they turned 1 year old. I have tried different variants before, but nothing works well than Vaseline Natural 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner ( anti-dandruff and itch relief). It gives extra shine and strength on my kids black and manageable hair. Aside from that, the smell stays in place. Even after long hours under the sun, my boys' hair still smells fresh and nice( hindi amoy maasim/ or amoy araw).
I got used with using the sachet. I am using the 4 in 1 sachet which I think is more ideal as you can estimate the amount of shampoo to be consumed.
Vaseline Shampoo has been a leading innovator in the Philippine Hair Care market. It was launched in 2000 with a single variant called Vaseline Amino Collagen Shampoo and was a hugely successful campaign. 


Check out my kids' hair growth per year
IN 2010
Clian in Nov 2010
Cade and Cale in Nov 2010

 IN MARCH 2011

Cade and Cale in 2011




Clian in POLO


Thursday, July 12, 2012

RALO's CASSAVA CAKE: the best freshly baked cassava cakes in the Philippines

Philippines is one of those countries where great variety of cassava-based dishes are consumed. Grated cassava roots are the primary ingredient in "bibingkang kamoteng kahoy" or what we call CASSAVA CAKE. And to topped the list of Cassava Cake Suppliers in the Philippines is Ralo's Cassava Cake. Cassava is mainly prepared as a dessert which has been considered as a must-have dessert at any "Pinoy" party. This delicacy is a coconut-flavored and oven-baked cake. Various recipes for cassava cake toppings exist nowadays, ranging from simple combinations of eggs, coconut and evaporated milk,  to rich cheesy toppings.