Thursday, July 26, 2012

BC Blogger's Meme: 30 Things About Me

I just got my first newsletter from BC BLOGGERS, it is another week of MEME time for the community.  And everyone are encourage to join and write about: "Thirty Things About Me" which was hosted by Sanna

 I thought of the things that I want to share with you guys that even my own friends does not know. I got excited to jot them down although I am  hesitant at first because it may take 2 days before I can finish it. But to my surprise I was able to finish it in 30 mins.

And now I am writing my own BC Blogger MEME. Please check them out!

1.  I am a frustrated singer. Every body in the family can sing except for me. sigh.
2.  I don't smoke or drink. - I just hate the smell of it.
3. I am lucky that husband does not smoke or drink as well.
4.  I am a home body. - I seldom go out. Even when I was a teenager, I rather
sleep at home. 
5. And with that I can say that I love being alone.  - Being alone is my spare time for my self. 
6. I love to travel though  I was never given a chance to do it. - reason why I wanted to be #7 .
7. Ever gorgeous flight stewardess.
8. Snickers are to die for.
9. I love my mom to the Nth power. - She'll stay with me forever even if I already  have my own family . 
10.  We are all girls in the family:  -MY mom, me , Marie and Japs. Just the 4 of us! 
11. I feel sexy on heels.
12.  I am on delivery room almost every year in the past 4 years. LOL 
13. I don't use any kind of powder on my face. - I am not allergic to it but it is just that powder does not blend well there.
15. I am always on the lime light and yet I  have a stage freight. How's that?..
16. I love DIY things. - hopefully I can post my tutorials here soon.
17. Oil pastel is my best friend and abstract painting is my forte.
18. I am the eldest ( daughter , granddaughter , niece , cousin) on my mom's side.
19. I am a spoiler. - my boys can attest to that. I think every mom does.
20. Arrozcaldo is my comfort food. 
21. If Snooky Serna has blusang itim well I have my own black  lucky- charm  skirt. - I use it during interviews. And I am really well charmed!
22. I have tried jogging and dieting multiple times -  like 30 mins jog everyday and 1/2 cup rice every day but I failed. I quit after the 2nd day. I just so love the rice!
23. I once cried on my birthday because someone forgot it! 
24. I love surprises and unfortunately hubby does not know how to set one. tsktsk.
25. I am looking forward to meet "CANADA". - and will do the snow angel on Christmas Eve.
26. I am a late bloomer. It is just now that I am enjoying my life.  - Live LIFE to the FULLEST! And let's enjoy MOTHERHOOD!
27. I am not a writer but I really love to write. 
28. I am starting to like books and I am currently reading "Fifty Shades of Grey " by E. L. James
29. I am looking forward to see my life stable 5- 10 years from now.
30. I am a new blogger. -Looking forward to meet circle of friends here. And I want you to be my friend! Yes, YOU! Linked me up and I'll follow.

That's it! Can we make it 100 Things About Me next time? LOL.. Enjoy!



  1. Hi Joan! Thank you for the follow! Im following you back now. I hope you meet Canada and hope to meet you when you do. We are so alike in many ways:)

    1. The pleasure is mine Sanna! I hope by that time , we still know each other! :)

      Really? That's good to know!



  2. Wow snow angel on xmas eve! Unfortunately, can't do that in Aussie cause their xmas season is summer.

    Welcome to blogging and that was an enjoyable read. :)

    Btw, my list is up you might want to read it some time here


    1. thanks for dropping by Jenn! I will surely check on yours. Ill let you know.



  3. Im so glad ur having the best relationship with ur mom, lucky you:))
    Welcome to the blogging world, the kids looks so adorable:))

    1. Thank you so much Sherene! Will check on yours as well!

      Thanks for visiting!