Thursday, July 12, 2012

RALO's CASSAVA CAKE: the best freshly baked cassava cakes in the Philippines

Philippines is one of those countries where great variety of cassava-based dishes are consumed. Grated cassava roots are the primary ingredient in "bibingkang kamoteng kahoy" or what we call CASSAVA CAKE. And to topped the list of Cassava Cake Suppliers in the Philippines is Ralo's Cassava Cake. Cassava is mainly prepared as a dessert which has been considered as a must-have dessert at any "Pinoy" party. This delicacy is a coconut-flavored and oven-baked cake. Various recipes for cassava cake toppings exist nowadays, ranging from simple combinations of eggs, coconut and evaporated milk,  to rich cheesy toppings. 

Who does not know RALO's CASSAVA CAKE?
They produced the best freshly baked cassava cakes in the Philippines. Deliciously soft and chewy which has a butter-like taste that is so difficult to explain. A powerful taste of cream and cheese on their toppings. The look is so simple, yet when you taste it,  you'll surely crave for more.
Ralo's played a big role in our family eversince we stumbled upon it. It has been a traditional Holiday Sweets for my family ,whether we have a special occasion or just a typical gathering. As a matter of fact, we have once used this as giveaways, and they sooooo loved it.

Based from my source, they serve cakes fresh from the oven because the quality of food is their top priority.
A touch of their history: they started with only 1 store which is located at Lubao, Pampanga and within 10 years of quality service, they have established 24 more branches  nationwide. Ralo's proved that they are indeed the best and leading Cassava Cake Store in the countryside. You may check to see if there's  a branch near you and experience their heavenly cassava cake.

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  1. They used to have a branch near our shop too bad they moved to another location after a year but I have to say that this is one of the best cassava cake that I've tasted. :)


    1. thanks for dropping by sis! They still have one near Marquee Mall, right after the intersection. Check them out again! hehe.. :)

      By the way , I just sooo love your blogsite! I am a follower now!