Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A day in my not so boring life

Another time to get to know each other as we send out little scoop for the BC BLOGGER MEME: A day in my not so boring life – a 24 hr chronicle of your typical day.  
24 hours which seems not so enough for me to do all my task.
I am not sure if I can  say that my daily routine is boring.. but well yes, IT IS.. lol.. because maybe I cannot afford to miss any part of it. I have to follow it strictly or I'll run out of time and MY very little nap time will be sacrificed.  
Not a typical day that you would even want to have. Some may call me SUPER MOM because of this schedule. But thanks to my mom and hubby because I cant be this Super MOM with out them. Yes,  it is something VERY exhausting..well what schedule would you expect if you are a corporate lady like me  with 4 tots on the side? hahaha..  still everyday is the best day for me specially that I can  spend most of my DAY TIME  with my kids ( reason why I prefer  graveyard shift).  Let me share this very boring , tiring thing that I do RELIGIOUSLY everyday.
 I work on a call center ,  I wake up in the evening at 6 pm.. so I think that will start the day for me.  Let me start it backwards.
6 pm :                                        wake up time
6 pm - 7 pm :                           dinner time( i have to feed my 4 little kids)
7:00 pm - 7:15pm :                  bath time
7:15pm - 7:45 pm :                  get dressed
7:45pm - 9:15pm :                   travel time ( going to office)
9:15pm - 7:30am:                  work time ( 10 hours of sitting and talking over the phone)
 7:30am - 9:00am:                 travel time ( going home)
9:00am - 10:30am:               dvd time with the kids along with miryenda/snack time since  they eat their breakfast at 5:30 am
10:30am - 12:00 noon:         SLEEPING time with the kids!!! Yipee!!! 2 and a half hours of sleep
12:00noon - 12:45pm:           lunch time PLUS will prepare kids for school at 1:00 pm
12:45pm - 1:00pm:                travel time (going to school)

____BORING PART_____

1:00pm - 3:45pm:              my eldest is in K1 and twins are in daycare. We have to accompany them since all are in preschool. And that would mean  , we have to stay in school for few hours ( with few hours of sleep) just sitting and making some chicka moments with other mommies or nannies. hubby stays with Clian, my eldest. And I stay with the twins. ( Clian has a separate school with the twins. The youngest who's 1 year and 10 months will stay at home with my mom. Lucky me that I have my mom to fill those time and  things that I cannot do. 

3:45pm - 4:00pm:              travel time ( going home with the kids)
4:00pm -4:30pm:               Homework time along with miryenda time
4:30pm- 6:00pm:               SLEEPING time!!!! Another 1 and a half hour of sleep 2 and 1/2 PLUS 1 and 1/2 = 4  hours of sleep everyday 
6pm:                                     OH NO!! I have to  wake up again
I may hate the idea of having a corporate life along with these tots but so far, I cannot consider this work as something that I would hate about because this call center work that I have helps and take up  all the expenses that we have. 
See you later!


  1. Awww...that's hard but as you said, you need to do it. I hope not for very long though, coz I know the feeling. I've worked in a call center for 4 years and lack of sleep will eventually get back at you. Well, right now it's a good paying job for many Filipinos. I just hope more day shift jobs will pay as much as what call centers give. Visiting from the meme :)

  2. Hi Jovell! Thanks for taking time to visit my post! Well.. I hope so too.. Ofcourse, it would be better if the job will not sacrifice your health. Thanks for the concern! See you around sis!! Will definitely visit you back!


  3. what a really is a super mom!
    i am also a call center agent too and i am conjuring myself when i will become a mom and still in my current job
    grabe, konti lang tulog mo, joan and i am in awe how you take care of your kids

    1. Thanks Reese! It's a good thing that you are preparing yourself as early as now. It may be hard sometimes , because you are just human but knowing that you are being a SUPER WOMAN to your kids, that alone pays all the hardship!Oh and let me share you this:


      See you around! Expect a visit from me!



  4. thanks for sharing your day! and i'm really amazed with your sched, indeed a super mom...suggest you find a quite place near the preschool where you can sleep...

    1. Hi Yuuki! I have thought of that as well.. pero iba pa rin ang comfort ng malambot na kama sa agent na puyat! LOL!!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      BTW: I joined your circle via GFC and will add you in my roll too! I hope you can join this:


  5. argh!! 4 hours of sleep? you're indeed a supermom..

    Mine is up at

    see you around...

  6. i can't bear sleeping fours a day. I will be sleepy at work if I that's happen.

  7. Hello, I'm thinking of working in a call center. How much is the pay per month? Does the double the pay and 10%/30% premiums apply for regular holidays and overtime respectively? Which call centers can you recommend, with the higher salary levels? And what is the minimum period of time that one would typically have to work for in a call center? Thank you very much.