Friday, August 3, 2012

Captured Thoughts

In our lives we always say that we regret some of the decisions we have made in the past. As the old saying goes: NO MAN IS AN ISLAND.
Most of the time , we based our decision and actions on those things that we  thought could give or put our lives in a better place. Or we learn from someone else experiences.
Most appreciated ones are opinions coming from family members, friends and peers. But what if you lack the courage to ask?.. Specially if  it is something that will humiliates you. Sometimes getting thoughts from someone else who does not know your personally are better because judgements are not bias. General and concrete.
Reason why I created Captured Thoughts.
Captured Thought is me capturing some of my thoughts  and questions about motherhood and life in general.
It would be a series of posts - MOSTLY QUESTIONS like WHAT IF YOU ARE ON MY SHOE,  how do you handle this thing?"
Or it can be  a PHRASE , POEM , something FAVORITE and how you perceive it.
Everybody's welcome to give thoughts and ideas.
There's nothing more fun than sharing and exchanging sudden thoughts. To give insights to others and gain substantial ideas from the readers.   It is an exchange of thoughts derived from a captured moment.
Hope you share your Captured Thoughts with me. 
You might not know that someone's life got better because of YOU.
I will be updating you soon ladies!


  1. This is a great idea Joan. :D I like the idea that someone's life got better because of me, or it could be that my life got better because of someone else. :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! I hope this would be successful. Your comments will be of a great help! Help me share this to others please. TIA

      See you!

  2. yeah great idea sis! good luck!

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment on my daughter's birthday post :) see yah around!