Friday, August 3, 2012

Grow A Garden - MY GOING GREEN in 2012 intiative

I am browsing my  mailbox when I stumbled upon my entry with  "GOING GREEN in 2012" contest. It is an initiative made by my company to join the campaign to be the “Greenest "BPO"  Site” in the Philippines. It is to be engaged in an all out war to reduce carbon footprint. 
What is the “carbon footprint”?

It is actually the amount of carbon dioxide and/or equivalent gases that we inadvertently create in our day-to-day activities.  As we all know carbon dioxide is called out as the main gas that is responsible for global warming so any initiative we undertake to contribute to reducing this cause goes a long way.  As the old adage says: “every little bit counts.”

There are a lot of practical ways we can contribute to this.   With that we were advised to send our entries on how we can contribute to “the cause” and how we can quantify the savings generated by that idea.

The winners stand the chance to win a personalized iPod Touch (each) to encourage everyone to be creative and innovative in making a positive impact to Mother Earth, but unfortunately, I did not win.sigh. Anyway , I still want to share this with you guys since I know , I deserve to win. LOL.. No , I am just kidding. Judges might have seen a better idea than this and I respect them for that.

Anyway , just sharing my idea here. And here is the entry.

Name: Joan Dare Estacio

Department: -------

Suggestion Concept
: Grow-A-Garden   (Organic Garden) >> kita nyo naman sa title pa lang ng entry ko , catchy na.

: This will restore the environmental imbalance by eliminating the use of chemicals that accumulate toxic dosages.

Impact (Optional ): Grow-A-Garden
   is my idea on how we can reduce our carbon footprint .

This idea  may sound out of the topic but as you read through it, you will learn as to why I consider this as one of the best ideas for this specific campaign.

It has been an old initiative to conserve energy to lessen impact on our planet and there were  proven ways taken to cut this negative effect.  Some of us have taken heed by walking, biking, carpooling, combining trips, etc. just to make sure that we don't add up chemicals like dioxide and/or equivalent gases to the air. While we probably appreciate these efforts, still we need to do more and create more ideas. As the old saying goes, the more, the merrier.

So what about this Grow-A-Garden concept? Growing fruits and vegetables on your own backyard seems to be a hard thing to do. Yes it is. But considering the benefits of it, will make  you think that it's  worth a try. Aside from improving our environment and having our own source of flowers, fruit and vegetables, we often overlook the other benefits that gardening provides us. Other than :

1. health benefits:
When everything you need grows in your backyard,  vitamin content of fruits and vegetable are at their highest levels as you bite into them straight from the garden.

2. food quality  :
When you grow your own food, you don't have to worry about contamination that may occur during the process.

 3. cut expenses
: You can cut your expenses on groceries as your bill will shrink when you stock these fresh products produced from your garden.

  In a mere fact, it help saves the planet in many ways.  If you will grow your garden using organic method , it will  enhance soil structures, conserve water, mitigate climate change, and ensure sustained diversity among and within plant and animal species in an environment. This can be done by  eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms which we all know are chemicals that accumulates toxic dosages. This is not only an improvement for human health  but also for the variation of the different organisms found within a specified geographic region. Having that said, you’ll spare the earth the burden of unnecessary air and water pollution. Organic agriculture restores the environmental balance and has none of these or other such deleterious effects on the environment and these are perfectly safe for human consumption.

Did you see that?.. I even provided 4 sensible reasons as to why the idea is awesome. Now, you tell me.. isn't a great idea? 

Well, let me just tap my back for joining it. Better luck next time , Joan. hahaha.




  1. how about nursing our babies instead of using plastic disposable bottles?
    how about having more kids who can wear their siblings clothes that are too small, instead of buying new ones?
    how about having bigger families where eating dinner around the table is the norm instead of drive through food in paper bags.

    1. Those are really nice ideas Annmarie! Thanks for sharing your insight! Truly one of a kind!! Will check your site as well! See you around! :)
      I would love to add you on my circles and will definitely followed you via GFC!