Monday, August 6, 2012

How I made my Blog Button with a Grab Box

WoW!  I never thought that blogging could also be this challenging.  Well,  I am not so computer naive but to tell you , I am really having problems with HTMLs.  I envisioned blogging before as full-packed of writings and writings alone. But I think a lot of people made things so difficult for not so techie mom like me. Well, having a techie husband is really a plus. "Two heads are really better than one". When I have something technical about blogging , hubby comes to the rescue not unless  there are tutorials as easy as this that Morgan  offers on her website.
It's a good thing that I have dropped by her site when I am looking for tutorials on how to make my own blogbadge. She just made things so easy for new bloggers like me. You may wanna check on her as she has so many simple yet useful tutorials to offer and these are really based on her own experience. You can never be wrong if someone else experienced it already. Right? A site that is worth a referral. NO, no I am not being paid for this but YES I recommend this site to anyone interested.  I can say that this whole blogging world helped me practice good values like returning the favor even if not necessary specially if someone helped ME tremendously ( well I consider all HELP as TREMENDOUS). That's how I perceive help in any ways.  haha.
Yeah , that's the story of my own blog badge and its grab box. And I am wishing that I have done things just right.
Please check it out! And Oh you might want to grab it as well! Thanks in advance:)





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    1. thanks sweet!

      Should you have time, please join me on my link up post.

      Hope to see you there!



  2. I got your message on my blog and came by to say thanks for following me and I'm happy to return the favor! :)

  3. Following you back from the blog hop. Thanks so much for following my blog. Have a great day. :)

  4. Thank you so much for following me, and I am a new follower for you as well! Looking forward to your adventures as well!

  5. Hi Joan. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my site and also for the follows. I am returning the favor. By the way, love the background.


  6. Thanks for finding me...great tutorial! I'm sure many people will find it helpful!

  7. Hi Joan, for a so-called new blogger you really savvy. Looking forward to more stories about juggling 4 kids. Great to have you stop by and thanks for your kind comments!