Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pray for the Philippines

God please stop the heavy rains and flood. Protect and keep us safe. And guide us wherever we go and help us not to loose our faith in times like this.We pray for the safety of our family and fellow Filipinos.

 Tarlaquenos  fear just happened. Part of Tarlac dike has given up. God pls have mercy on us! If this will worsen, our place will be flooded as well.

The Dike in our area - AQUINO Bridge in Tarlac

Picture of Tarlac Dike



  1. Just like you Joan, I pray that the flood will be over soon. Just hang in there and try to be strong for you and your kids.


    1. Thanks Sarah! This has been a battle for every Filipinos. This has been a good day for us here in Tarlac , MR SUN showed up on our area earlier today. The rain stopped for a while and flooded areas were drained ( a little).. well that is still a good thing and I hope rain will stop continuously on other areas as well. Be safe sissy! :)