Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello ladies! It's time for CAPTURED THOUGHTS #1. If you are new with this and you wonder what does Captured thoughts mean to  Me, please check detailed information here.
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Sounds familiar?
It was not so long time ago ( probably 3 years ago ) that I had this problem. And now while watching " PLEASE BE CAREFULL WITH MY HEART " , I got stock with one of the maid's  line: "Ang pag aalaga nababayaran ng salapi, pero ang pagmamahal at pagmamalasakit hindi nababayaran nito."
Whether you have decided to go back to work or just want to have some time for yourself, it is essential to find the best caregiver for your child. Most mothers find it nerve racking to leave their baby with someone else and it has been a battle for me to find and  keep one.  I guess everyone does, right? 

At first I thought ,the reason as to why I cannot keep a nanny to stay long is  because of the situation of having 4  tots in the house .But apparently as the years passes by, I have been hearing the same dilemma with friends, coworkers and even relatives. And to think ,these are good people like me and yet they suffer with the same NANNY hunting. We are offering a fair PAY , leave and credits and yet we are so unlucky to find the right one to stay. Other friends even stopped hiring one because it can add up to the stress. I , for once stopped hiring but since I really need someone to take care of the chores , I don't have any choice but to rehire those who are interested ( well if there are).
Are you also in despair in hiring and keeping a well-qualified, trustworthy nanny? Keep on sharing sissies!!

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