Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our very first trick or treat plus my very first Halloween DIY costumes project

I've been busy for a couple of weeks and I think I owe my readers ( if there are)   big time. Well, now  posting an event for Halloween. Better later than never!!!!!
So it is Halloween!?! It is not yet that time of the year but honestly , I have waited for this moment to come.   This is the very first Halloween that I have allowed my kids to do the trick or treat! I strategically thought and planned ahead of time to celebrate it. I let them grow a little first so they can fully understand and enjoy trick or treating. I did sew and made DIY costumes to make this first as memorable as possible.  Though  planned ,  we still encountered some problems as to where to go first. Options are SM Tarlac, SM Clark  and our Company's Halloween treat for employees' kiddos.  And since our company and SM Clark are almost in the same vicinity , we decided to go way South. Fun starts at: 7:00 am  for Registration @ the Mantrap. We arrived at 8:30 am , did some registrations then we immediately went and do treat or tricking per stations that lasted for 1 and a half hour. Then directed kids to join and watch Jolly Time ( a small party for the kids hosted by Jollibee staffs).  We also joined the costume contest and  before we knew it twelve O'clock rolled already and it means , we are late for SM Clark's Halloween treat. Nevertheless, we have been incredibly on our happiest as we enjoyed this very first with family, friends ( ninong and ninang of my kids)  and co workers. Though hubby and I were so tired as we came straight from our graveyard shift, still we managed to spend the whole day with the kids. We don't want to miss  things that we know will be cherished by our kids for the rest of their lives. We want them to remember that they had an awesome first Halloween trick or treat. And that their FIRST is really a blast!!
See how my DIY costumes looked like. 
Cade and Cale : The Navy Twin

Clian : The little drummer boy

Cyle : Gnomeo

some of my cut outs
 PS:  We won 1st runner up on Twin Navy Costume and a grand price for Gnomeo Costume. Not bad for a first timer right?


  1. wow! not really bad for first timers..congrats for winning! they're so cute...