Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve traditions and how we celebrate it in the Philippines

While everyone back home are celebrating 2013 , here I am sitting on my work pod. Spending holidays with our family is just one of those seasons that we will be missing if we opted to work on a call center / BPO industry. Yes, it gives us a huge wage but it also gives us a huge heartache as we will  miss those special occasions that we should be spending with our family. Don't get me wrong ,I am still thankful for my job though.  As this has served as  my bread and butter for many years.
Anyway , so much about the agony. It's NEW YEAR right? I should be happy to welcome all sort of good vibes!
Indeed, it is more fun to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines and it is just superb to celebrate New Year's Eve as well! So how does a typical Filipino celebrates New Year's Eve? Let me  just share with you some of my grown up traditions . We are not really into superstitions yet we do follow some old rules before the new year comes in. Beliefs that makes every members of our family to be positive about the coming year.
I've seen my mom exerting much effort in completing our New Year's tradition. These has been traditions that she saw over her relatives and religiously does the same thing every year. Whether true or not, we still believe that most of them gives so much luck to us.
Things that we should have on the dining table before  New Year's Eve dinner or Media Noche.
12 fruits that are round in shape. Symbolizes the 12 months of the year.
A cup full of cotton, rice and water. Symbolizes basic necessity.Something that we should not missed out.
Noodles. Symbolizes life. Long LIFE for every members of the family.
Ricecake. Symbolizes family.  Sticky food makes a closely-knit family throughout the coming year.
Coins. Symbolizes prosperity or simply be well with family's  financial status.
Just like any other families, we want to be financially ready every year. Be well provided by basic necessities (fruits, coins , cotton, rice and water).  And to be able to enjoy every inch of these fortune together.
For Money Luck
To attract financial luck and to welcome the coming year, Mom hangs money on our min-Christmas tree, curtains, windows and doors. We open all entry access and keeps all lights on. As soon as the clocks turns 12 MN, she will roll small rounded fruits inside the house coming from the main door, then she will shower coins everywhere in the house.
Also, to wear polka-dots every new year's eve is a must as it gives us some financial freedom  and good vibes individually.
And since we are not fond of firecrackers ( since we are all girls in the family), we use  car horns and whistles, pots and pans to make loud noise. We do make loud noise while we roam-around the house, this is to scare away bad spirits and bad luck. We do this (kids) while mom does the fruits rolling and coins showering thing.
Have you had your share with these? Please comment and let me know.

New Year 2013

Dear 2012 ,
You've been one of those most challenging years I've had. Though lessons were learned still I can't deny that you've brought many tears to my eyes and as I say goodbye to you, I may have one last favor to ask... can you please bring Mr. Pain, Mrs. Negativity and their little financial problem along with you?..  Please!   
I am now wishing to have a wonderful January, a lovely February, a Peaceful March, a stress-free April, a fun-filled May, and Joy that lasts from June to November, and finally a happy and worry-free December 2013 with my family.
May my wishes come true and may I have a charming and lucky New Year 2013 and so with my family and friends!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sisters LOVE

It has been a while since my last post and I am so sorry for that. I've been busy attending some personal problems. It is not new to you that I have  2 other girl siblings with gaps of 5 years each. And was not new as well that we live alone just by our mom , with out the help of our father. Not to brag but  I've been a bread winner eversince and have been a major financial contributor ( ofcourse with the help of our ever-supportive uncles- Ariel and Jojo) in the family. But aside from that, I've also been the shock-absorber . Things may come and go and passes through me -- of pain, failures, flaws.
It was just so lately that one of my sisters (the middle one) experienced a terrible heart-ache. Being the eldest, seeing them grown out to be a perfect lady-like person hurts me so much.  Well ,as they say , when you feel someone else's pain and joy as powerfully as if it were your own, you know that you love the person so dearly. So when that thing happened, I was so hurt that I cannot even move on. As if I am literally involved (guess that's how much I love my sisters).
Let me share with you what I have posted in facebook that made my friends cried as well.
"It really made my heart dropped to death seeing you in pain, God only knows how much I love you both. There were a few blazing hot little pains in me as I saw Japs in the same situation a few months or so... And now.. I froze as I watch you cry.. as if a flashback of our younger years lingered in my mind when something hard hit you so badly that almost left you out of breath.

I cried as I see those eyes... those are the SAME scared,confused-little eyes staring back at me 18 years ago, as if telling me to stop the person from hitting you. But what can I do? I'm just a kid like you.

I promised to myself that when we grow up , I won't let someone hurt you both.

And now that we're all grown ups, it shredded my heart more as I accept the reality that my promise will never come true.

In as much as I would like to be true to my words, I know I can't. I can no longer stop someone from hurting you both as we now have our own lives. It is with this pain that you'll learn to appreciate everything/every person that you currently have/with.. so the next time the same life/person passes by , you will strongly hold onto it/him knowing that your life will never be the same without it/him. And each time this happens , you come out of it a little stronger, it will always be your decision. You either cherish the moment or lock it in a box and at some point you will realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee.

-we'll still end up having the four of us even when our world turns up side down. Joveth Dare, Joana Marie Magat Dare, Jonellyn Dare
Before and Now
 How about you? Do you share the same feelings with your siblings?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

HPV Vaccination: Get vaccinated , I just did!

In line with the ongoing awareness campaigns in the fight against cervical cancer, our company demonstrates its support by making HPV vaccination readily available for all employees. Awareness is very vital in the fight against cervical cancer with that said being beautiful inside and out also entails taking care of one’s health. Our company is kind enough to take this campaign a step further not only by creating awareness of the dangers of the virus, but also by reducing the number of Filipino women who are at risk of acquiring cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases. 
Thanks for making HPV vaccination accessible to  US.

Nurse and Me

Box of Cervarix


Obvious ba? masakit kaya!

tatak HPV

Vaccine is AFFORDABLE!
Fight is WINNABLE!

Here are FAQs shared by GSK, the maker of Cervarix, HPV Vaccine.

Your FAQs on HPV
What is Cervarix?
Cervarix is for females  10 years onwards for the prevention of persistent infection, pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions of the cervix caused by Human Papilloma Virus types 16 & 18.
How is Cervarix Administered?
The vaccine is given by intra-muscular injection in the arms at 0, 1 and 6 months.
Do I need to have a pap smear or HVP DNA before getting the vaccine?
Screening is not a prerequisite for getting the vaccine. Regardless of the current status (whether you had a prior infection or whether you have a present infection due to HPV) you can be vaccinated.
If I have current HPV infection or a cervical lesion at present, will the vaccine help treat my present condition or will it worsen?
The vaccine will not alter the course of a present cervical condition. Vaccination will not treat a disease nor will it cause progression of the disease.
If you are already infected with one HPV type found in the vaccine (like HPV 16, you may still get protection against the other HPV type in the vaccine (HPV18) and might benefit from some degree of protection against 12 other cancer causing types.
It is important that you continue to consult your doctor and get necessary intervention needed for your current cervical condition.
Will getting the vaccine mean I don't have to get my regular pap smear?
Vaccination is NOT a replacement for getting a pap smear.  You should continue with the usual pap smear visits.  Vaccination together with pap smears will further decrease the chance of developing cervical cancer than with just pap smear alone.
Is a booster needed for Cervarix?
No booster recommendation as of the moment.
What are the adverse effects that I might experience after getting the shot?
Some may experience injection site like pain, redness or swelling, headache or fever.
Studies have shown that these adverse effects are temporary and may last only for 2 to 3 days and they are not server enough to result in the discontinuation of the complete vaccination course.
What if I missed my 2nd of 3rd dose? Do I need to start the series again?
If the vaccination schedule is interrupted, you just continue the series. No need to start all over again.
Should I miss my vaccine schedule if I have a cold or fever?
Mild, common illness like colds or fever are not contraindications to vaccination.
Can I get vaccinated if I am pregnant?
Due to lack of data on pregnant women, it is advised that you DON'T get vaccinated until after the completion or termination of a pregnancy due to miscarriage.
If a vaccine dose has been given and you found out that you were pregnant, there is no intervention necessary. It is advised that you discontinue and complete the doses after the pregnancy.

Get yours now! Save your life for your loveones!