Friday, January 11, 2013

Another mass school shooting in America

photo credit to standupforamerica

Very sad tragedy yet again another school shooting in America has been reported.  At least two people were shot at Taft Union High School in Kern County on Thursday morning after a classmate interrupted a first-period class. Victim was confronted by the suspect by name and fired a round from a 12-gauge shotgun into his upper body.  The teen suspect used a shotgun that belongs to his brother and went to bed Wednesday night with a plan to shoot two fellow students who bullied him for more than a year.
How many more like these need to happen? Remember the horrific events of December 14,. 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary? And how about Aurora, Colorado mass shooting; 'Dark Knight’ massacre?  This Calif HS  shooting has no difference to those. Officials should  consider common denominators such as : Guns and  Mental Health in resolving the issue. But where do you think, this resolution must comes first?  What does mental health means? Those being bullied, those who have personal problems, those who have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) , those who've been to drugs? Who else?
A gun control law won't prevent these from happening again. Take California for example, if I'm not mistaken California is a state that has a gun control law yet this happened in their area. And so here in the Philippines. It was just recently that we had GUN CRAZY, GONE MAD Mass shooter  in Kawit, Cavite who killed at least 8 people and left 10 others injured during his shooting spree.
Everyone is so afraid to admit that maybe mental health is the main cause of this. Guns are not the problem, we have a society were our children are steeped in violence through all forms of media and that is the problem. Curing  must start within each families.  
I don't want to be harsh  to anyone but in one way or another, we can only stop these if we'll let the parents be responsible and accountable for their kids' actions. I, myself is a parent. Yes, my kids came from me , but I don't own their lives. I am not holding my kids' decisions, outlook in life  or so but  I am still their mother, that simply  means whatever they become someday is because of how I raised them, values per se. As kids now spend most of their time in school, a good choice of it comes in.
A school that focuses on child's behavior. A school that has bullying policies.  Parents and teachers  must know when to isolate kids from troubled ones.  Not to emphasize discrimination but to simply keeping everyone on a safe side and to get these troubled ones the help they need before they reach their breaking point.
You as the parent should be charged with child endangerment for every student's affected by your kid:
-If your kid takes a gun to school
-if your kid is bullying other kids.
-if your kid iintimidates others
-if your kid is antisocial or criminal behavior (such as stealing or vandalism)
-if your kid threats to get his own way
Not bad to implement these for grown ups as well.
Nevertheless, focusing on the main cause can help solve the situation or end incidents like these rather than wanting that everyone involved is punished severely.
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