Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Because it is your birthday!

*Spread some love!! , a post dedicated to my ever-so-loving husband. 
Happy birthday daddy! Every single day of my life spent with you, reminds me of how lucky I am and all the credit goes to back you.
Here's a simple yet truly,madly,deeply versed poem I personally composed for you.
Never did I regret marrying someone like you,
despite the fact we've been through.
It has been a long journey, so sad and blue,
as if Romeo and Juliet were really true.
If not for that past
I would never have known
that true love can last
and it does conquers all.
As the year passes by and as you add a year on your life
May you'll always be reminded of the love that we've had
it was a promise to grow old as our wrinkles sags
finding the depth of our love as deep as our eyebags.

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