Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Join me on my 29th!

Yay! I'll be hitting 29 in a few days and I can feel the anxiety of getting another year older yet wiser, ahem. I can now sense that the real me is back. I want something different on my birthday but not that much because I am saving all the surprises for my 30th. I know.. I know.. there's so much positive energies in me now adays and  I am liking it. Maybe it's 2013's intention! A positive outlook in life, not bad, definitely not about bragging something that I don't have yet, it's like creating and believing that with my exceptional hard work and in God's grace I'll get what I am aiming for. Maybe, we can call it as "a certified  goal oriented". I would like to  be big by my 30th. Not literally big like 200 lbs, but big financially, professionally. I'll achieve more this year to be prepared for 2014.  I am not sure as to why I now have the strong determination to succeed. Maybe because of the kids? My own and extended family?
To recollect,  I've been so passive the whole time of my call center career. And it is too late to make some big efforts now just to stand out, simply because there are no opportunities anymore. Is changing a career will help me out with my big goal? Or changing the company itself? Hmm.. so much to think about but I am positive that God has a plan for me so I can accomplish all of my planned goals.
I find this thing fulfilling and this makes me happy. Motherhood and oh I so love my babies. Never did I thought of enjoying and engaging much of my effort to this online journal. Well, I am not a good writer, yes I write, yes I blog, I post and I comment but that does not mean that I am good at it, that is, I am still learning though. Did I  mention that I am a frustrated writer? I was about to grab an editor in chief position in elementary newspaper, did top all editorial exams but got disappointed when somebody else took the position just because the person is more popular than I am. From then on, my interest in writing slipped away.
One thing is for sure, I will push through with my plans. Considering another baby in  a month or two. Would you be surprised if I'll say" A baby on the way" via facebook? Nope, don't get me  wrong, not a literal baby but a baby-paid-site that will focus on my kids and how I handle my boys. That is, well, not really to earn some bucks but to typically site things that I know are important. I love to teach, I love to share, I love it when people are being astounded when I say I have 4 kids aging 5,4,4 and 2. Specially  when they are just 3,2,2 and  8 months. All boys? You have four boys? Really!?! I just so love the jaw-dropped expressions. Don't you?
It is not easy to have four at the same time. And these? These are heartrobs' wanna be. Agree? Oh, boy!..there's so much in my mind, I am exploding with ideas, I hope I can make these things into reality. Me and I as a daughter, friend, mother, sister, wife, in alphabetical order that's how I roll my online journal!  Hoping for some technical help from online friends as well. My husband is on his half way to saying YES. Hopefully on my birthday or on my 26 with 4 kids' first anniversary in February ( I hope to hit 10k eviews by that time), he'll agree. What an awesome gift it could be?!
Well, going back on something special on my birthday? Maybe a make over will do. 2012 has been so stiff to me financially. Imagine, I can't even afford to do some hairdo make over or atleast make some relaxing whole body massage. Not because I don't have something to spend to, it is just simply keeping it for emergency purposes. Or rather spend it on my kids' needs than spend it for my self. Now, 2013 is giving me some extra. I hope to have a lot of extra gigs for the rest of the year.  Now that I know and positive that 2013 is just as good as I am, I want to start it with a younger feeling and a younger aura. I want everything to be light ( I guess, a diet would also be necessary since I said lighter feeling, right?)Can you please tell me, do I look old for my age? I am 28, do I look like a mommy already? There are still "maybe friends" who told me that I don't look like a mom of four, but ofcourse those are my friends what should I expect from these loving friends?! Some people are asking me of my secret (will be sharing soon). But personally, I feel like I haven't adjusted yet. Well, who can adjust with 3 consecutive pregnancies? Almost pregnant atleast every year?  I still have a lot of stretchies, though are now white, I can still see them and they are a lot. Saggy belly. Gigantic, dinosaur-like feet and swollen fingertoes. I still have the black line on my neck (though my husband says he can't see it anymore).  The moisture and volume on my hair did not came back yet plus hair lost. Teeth are almost seen like one seat apart. Oh, there has been so much about pregnancy that if only you have the ability to choose what part of you will change, you might agree of just getting the part where your boobs gets bigger as if you did a boob job! I guess, that's how all women are equally created by God, all is fair in pregnancy. Good thing hubby still finds me pretty and hot. Thus, keeps on reminding me that "I am still the beautiful and sexiest girl living on earth".
Whew! Have I been so broad?  I just got  carried away by the feeling of positiveness. Well, the truth is , this post is just about the things that I am getting on my birthday. Plain and simple. Guessed it's time to say Cheers to my 29th!! 
What am I getting on my birthday?
- a possible sponsored- whole body scrub and massage from Slimzone Tarlac.
- a dentist and orthodontics for my one-seat apart teeth courtesy of my hubby's 4th quarter bonus.
- a salon bonanza: I'll color my hair for the first time. And maybe try a new cut for my hair. Will I get the reddish one or the semi-blonde?
Hoping that Mr. Clock permits me to do all of these! Have you enjoyed who I wanna be on my 29?
I'll keep you posted. Promise!


  1. Awesome positive outlook on yourself, life and goals. I love to astound people when I say, "I have 4 girls: 18, 9, 9 and 6." Stopping by from SITS.


    1. wow! Amazing! You have 4 too! Thanks for dropping Alethea!