Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HBD to me

Thank you so much for another year of life. I admit that this has been the only year to where I felt my sincerest admiration towards your gift. The gift that you've been giving me for the past 29 years. I was never been this grateful for this life  and you know the reason why.

 It was not just a tilt, it was a move of 360 degrees. You moved me in such a way that I did not expect. You allowed me to see myself as a whole, you let see my purpose in life. And now that I know what this life is for, I am hoping that you won't get tired bestowing it to me.

Thank you  for giving me Mama, Deydey, Marie and Japs. Though we are not a typical happy family, not ideal actually, yet I can never say, how I wish I have someone else.  Thank you for the most difficult past of not having a complete and wealthy family.That taught me to become deep, patient, sensitive, stiff and strong. Thank you so much for those never ending petty quarrels I have with Marie and Japs. Only when we have disagreements that we find time to talk to each other personally with no limit of time. I love the outcome of becoming new and humble after the fight.

Thank you so much for sending Clem my way.  I may not be able to make my dream  career come true for choosing him yet I know I've made the best personal decision in my life for the first time. I don't have any regrets at all because I know, I can never find someone like him. You know exactly  how much I prayed for a perfect husband. You know that I can never take it should the same fate happens to me. Thank you for giving me a father, a husband, a boyfriend and a bestfriend, though not perfect atleast I have all in one Clem. I will always be thankful for Clem's immeasurable love and patience to me.

Thank you so much  for my precious: Clian, Cade, Cale and Cyle.  I call them my own. Sending angels with out wings is the best part of my existence. These kids are the reason why I am now thankful for your gift - LIFE.

I now know my purpose. I guess motherhood suits me well. And I am now craving for more gifts in the coming year.

Now that my life is complete, good health and wealth is what I am asking from you. Give me more strength to over come each trials that may surpass my way.

This I ask and thank you Lord.




  1. Happy Birthday, Joan! There really are a lot of things and blessings to be thankful for. Enjoy your day! :)