Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accepting Compliments on Parenting

How are you at receiving compliments about your children and/or  about anything regarding your parenting? I don't receive a lot of them, but they never fail to discomposed me. I am one of those people who are unable of simply accepting a compliment. I don't think that, simply saying thank you  and then moving on is enough. It’s not that I have issues of feeling undeserving– no, no, no, please!! I just love  it!  I cannot just figure out how to respond more than just saying thank you without being a showboat.

Last Saturday, we attended a birthday party held in Jollibee Luisita and well, hmm (clearing throat), I just received tremendous compliments. Though the birthday celebrant is my bff's  baby, still  most of those attendees are actually strangers to me. From the moment that we arrived  everybody keeps on complementing me for having four cute, healthy little toddlers with that so beautiful and shiny hair.

I get that sometimes or should I say most of the time, (wink)  and it does make me a SUPAH MAMA and it feels so good! More often, I get, "You have beautiful children!", "Oh what a lovely hair they have!", " And Oh your twins are just so lovely!', which also makes me feel really proud, really really proud!

See those 4 boys? Well, they are mine!!

Strangers always thought that they are triplets. But they're not. My eldest is 8 months older than my twins.

And here's my youngest. My Kulot.

Ceejay, the birthday girl, Me, my youngest and my eldest sons.

These type of scenarios are just usual for us, you see, these are the same compliments, questions, comments that we get whenever we attend parties, or when we are simply strolling in the mall. Strangers never fail to grab a look or comment on my kids. Questions from simple to personal and as far as; What's their vitamins?, What is their milk? What do you feed them? Who's your pedia? What shampoo are they using?, or Where did I get their shoes, shirt or bags?

Just the other day, as I am leaving home, one of my neighbors stops me and tells me what a wonderful job I am doing with my children. Wow... that just made me feel amazing :-)

I really understand that sense of pleasure and accomplishment you get when someone you know or even when  a stranger pays you a compliment about your children.  It can be a real boost and it does melts a heart. Afterall, parenting is not a career.  So a little appreciation can go a long way.

Doesn't it just make you feel awesome when you receive one?
But I was thinking about this tendency people might perceive after sending their compliments. You think simply saying "ThankYou"  and then move on will do?
I almost feel like it’s rude not to tell someone the story behind or whatever.
Just like earlier, my friend Charity sent a personal message via facebook saying or should I say questioning me regarding my kids' shampoo. Someone from her baby's party asked her to ask that question to me. Since she is my  friend,  I then answered her questions boastfully, haha... I know she will not consider that as bragging because we are BFF so I know that will just turned out as a joke. As we go through our conversation, I was about to push my blog entry for Vaseline review and was about to advise her to send that to her friend but I stop and think for a while. I am not certain if recommending the post to her friend will help or will create a bad impression and may spell out the real sense of bragging.
What’s this about? I’m going to try and end one sentence today with a “thank you” and see if it sticks. Wish me luck. - See more at:
What’s this about? Should I continue ending a compliment with just a simple  “thank you”? What you think? How do you accept yours?  Wish me luck!!



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Curious George number 1 TV show for preschoolers in 2012

Sharing the number 1 TV show for preschoolers in America; Curious George.

A study in 2012 of the popular children’s program Curious George found that the series’ television episodes and TV tie-in books positively impacted young children’s knowledge of the science and math concepts covered, as well as enabled parents to become more comfortable helping their children understand those subjects.

According to WIKI, Curious George is an animated television series based on the Curious George children's book series, which features Jeff Bennett as the voice of The Man with the Yellow Hat.

Aimed at preschool viewers (ages three to five), the goal of the series is to inspire children to explore science, engineering, and math in the world around them. And what better guide is there for this kind of exploration than the world's most curious monkey?

George lives to find new things to discover, touch, spill, and chew. Everything is new to George and worth investigating. Of course, in George's hands — all four of them — investigation often leads to unintended consequences! Throughout George's adventures, he encounters and models basic concepts in each of the three content areas. (To learn more, read about the educational philosophy that drives the series.)

While remaining true to the look and feel of the beloved books, the daily series expands George's world to include a host of colorful new characters and locales. Each episode features two animated stories followed by short live-action segments in which real kids investigate the ideas that George introduces in the stories. The first season was narrated by Emmy® award-winning actor William H. Macy.

The CURIOUS GEORGE series also aims to show parents and caregivers how to foster the development of science and math literacy in children. In addition to programming, the series is supported by a substantial educational outreach campaign that develops relevant materials and distributes them to librarians, teachers, community centers, and families.

A new Curious George TV series debuted September 4, 2006 on PBS Kids as part of PBS Kids Preschool Block.

Curious George is available in different media forms:
-Video game

Check it out! My kids favorite monkey! Make Curious George a part of your kiddie-list too.



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Did You Know That Riding Down The Slide With Your Toddler On Your Lap Can Cause Surprising Risk?

Just sharing what I have read today. Surprisingly true.

Try to think of this:

You’re at the playground and your toddler wants to go down the steepest slide.

Which do you think is safer?

a. have your child ride in your lap while you slide together


b. let your child to go down the slide by himself

I've seen my self in this same scenario many times and maybe you have pictured it too. A modern yet protective mom will definitely choose option A,

A mother's instinct will always claim that – kids will be safer if the parent will stick around but did you know that a study at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, N.Y., will prove that wrong? The study found that nearly 14 percent of pediatric leg fractures over an 11-month period involved toddlers riding down the slide with a parent. That’s because when the kid slides down while sitting in his parent’s lap, there’s a chance that the foot will get caught on the slide of the slide – and the force of the adult’s weight behind the kid will end up breaking his leg.

Apparently, this is more common than we think. See this for your reference.  It's better to be reminded than sorry!

I'm sure you wouldn't like to compromise your kids' leg to be fractured over a playground slide.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My one-year of blogging - Blog Bash Link UP

Today marks my one year anniversary of blogging! I can't believe that I was able to come up with 56 posts despite of my very hectic schedule... I am a full time mommy in the morning and a full time employee at night...I am just so proud for not giving up and thank you for taking time to read and visit me. I hope you are getting something from my posts.

Blogging made me grow along the way, there were a lot of things that I was able to learn and accomplish. BLOGGING will hone you to become a better you for as long as you are sincere with what you post and you are true with what you comment. It's not about the money or the fame that your blog can give you but the amazing friendship you'll form with strangers yet wonderful and sincere ladies all around the world.

I have nothing much to say, I was humbled. I just asked to reach 10k eviews before my anniversary yet you gave me 11,965.( konti man para sa iba pero malaki na yun para sakin.) I don't have any giveaways for you now but I am looking forward to provide you with lots of insightful posts the coming days. A promise of more useful posts about motherhood - of how I parent my four toddlers and of how I manage our financial needs. A commitment of sharing my mommyhood experience to all of you.
 Sharing my 4-C-sons. My kids sitting in the same order: Cale and Cade (twins), Clian and Cyle plus mommy Joan.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!

Come and join me on my February link up!!.. Just answer :How I wish I started blogging before....



Monday, February 18, 2013

Captured Thoughts - February Link Up!

I have decided to turn this to a fun  and easy linky, CAPTURED THOUGHTS, where I will be asking you to share your special thoughts too.
Anyone can join! Let's have some fun blogging our captured thoughts.
The February linky will be open February 24th through March 2nd. 

Our Captured  Thoughts for February is: How I wish I started blogging before....
Here's my picture when I am 6 months pregnant with my eldest. 

How I wish I started blogging before.... 
I got my kids.
Tips for those who have just started blogging or is interested in the idea of blogging:

I often get this thought that "I should have started blogging earlier".  Have been working on various flavors of the Internet for more than 8 years now and it was just last year that I have started serious blogging. Never did I thought that I can use my Internet skills  to capture every moment I have about motherhood.
I was unable to capture a lot of great moments like:

- when I was pregnant and is looking for prenatal exercise.
-when I was pregnant and is looking for maternity clothes to wear when I reach my maximum size.
-when I was pregnant and is looking for ways to limit my diet.
-when I was pregnant and is looking for helpful sites about pregnancy and motherhood.

-when I got my eldest and is looking for the best breast pump.
-when I got my eldest and is looking for the best feeding bottle, sterilizer, formula milk and so on.
-when I got my eldest and is looking for  the best baby hygiene essentials.
-when I got my eldest and is looking for the best vitamins, diaper, formula -milk and the like.

That's a lot of missed opportunities and memories. Pregnancy and Motherhood was never an easy journey for me, imagine  I got 4 kids with 3 consecutive pregnancies, how  I wish I have discovered blogging even before I got them all.

Anyway , I know it's not too late. I can still share what is working great on my kids. What made me decide to stay on a certain brand or what made me a fan of a product. I'll try to as much as possible recall all reviews I had when I am on the selection stage. Yes, I had a lot of these.  I will make sure to share them to you in the coming days.
And for the mommies to be: watch out why I am now claiming that I am a natural birth advocate when all of my kids were delivered via CS. And why you should too!

Now it's your turn! No need to grab my button or browse to a file of list.
Just come back on Sunday the 24th to comment and link up so we can check and visit yours! Just tell us why you should have started blogging before...... __________________________



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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eye-Opening Savings with Firmoo

 I've been hunting for  a pair of prescription glasses lately. Well, not because I've been asked to get one already , but merely because I've been having some problems with my eyes nowadays. Perhaps less obvious, but I want to have  the best pair of this if so there's a need for one.
Eye glasses are just one of the many products that are way overpriced. Now that the functional frames have become a fashion accessory, prices have gone way up too.

Fear not, frugal mommies as you can still exercise your savings expertise. There are still best places that offer stylish options at a deep discount like Firmoo.
Firmoo,  has been true to its words "Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way".

World's Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store offering prescription eyewear as low as $8.00. 
Imagine $8.00 without compromising the quality.  How awesome is that?
Firmo currently offers free shipping for two or more orders and first pair free for new customers. Check out Firmoo Global Optical Online Store at FIRMOO.COM for other glasses and sunglasses designs. Also check out their Facebook Page and follow them in Twitter.

Hurry! You might be able to catch their Valentine's Day Promo! Check out my referral link here.

Grab yours now! HIGH FASHION ACCESSORIES You Don't Want To Miss!



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 Valentine gift ideas that can make you Wow!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, calling all husbands, boyfriends and boyfriends-to-be! 
Are you being stumped for gift ideas because everything seems just usual? 
And girls, are you after the surprise factor?!

4 Valentine gift ideas that can make you wow!

Red Suede pumps
photoby: Pinterest
Give your legs the appearance of being longer than they are! It enhances the shape of your legs, making you taller and sexier. You can pair it with a cute dress, pants or even  with a nice pair of tees and short. From classic to sassy!
I am not sure with this brand but you can never go wrong with Primadonna. Check out what they have for you!

 Statement tees
photoby: forever21

Fun and expressive statement tees have been an all time favorite! It can instantaneously transform an outfit from casual, daytime look to a stylish, fashion-forward look.  Won't you love to get this one from forever21?

Flowers and chocolate
photoby: Pinterest

All-in-1, 3-in-1, Instant, 24*7.
 Are you going to ask for more if all things were  wrapped up perfectly into one? You like chocolate but not the extra weight.
You like flowers but not the typical. Get her something healthy and Yummy! 

You can replace flowers and chocolate with this bouquet of strawberries dipped in chocolate. Awesome idea right?

 And number 1 on the list is...Valentines Day-Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet

hot-choco recipes by THEPIONEERWOMAN  photoby: Pinterest

You can make the cutest gift with not alot of money.

 A cup of hot chocolate combined with a talk with someone that you love, someone that matters to you makes you wanna cuddle all-day-long.

Classic gifts may not need to be boring or common. You can make a match and more twist. There's nothing more important than giving her what she wants.


And oh! did I say , I am writing this for my hubby?
How about you? What's in your wishlist?



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two reasons as to why I introduced technology to my kids at an early stage.

A picture is worth a thousand words. True I guessed, as most of those people I know who saw this, have questioned my way of parenting.

Motherhood and technology go hand in hand these days. As a matter of fact contemporary classroom with a board and a chalk has  now been replaced with digital programs. Pre-school now aday comes online, offering variety of learning technology that were proven to be more helpful than the contemporary ones.
We can't halt the advance of progress, so if we can't beat it, join it!
The best way to make technology a healthy and positive part of family life is actually to embrace it.
I am allowing my kids to be entertained by these technologies. And I've been introducing digital age to these tots even before they enter preschool.  
Two reasons as to why I introduced technology to my kids at an early stage. 
1. Knowledge Factor
        -Motor skills can be developed. - Fingers and hands are given  some type of valuable workout through pushing keys and maneuvering the mouse. Eye and hands coordination are being honed either when doing some online games or just by simply watching some educational shows.     
           - Creativity and Learning can be fueled by digital play. -Learning art, the alphabet and education has never been this exciting whether on TV or on an IPAD! Sesame Street has long been credited with helping youngsters learn the alphabet.
            -Can expand interest on entertainment. Singing and dancing skills can be developed through constant screen time.
            -Can help push communication skills. Pleasant narration of letters and words can help kids to talk clearly. It can help kids to pronounce words correctly and fluently . 
2. Behavioral Factor
        - Can lift kids' self esteem. Technology advancement can  provide self confidence to kids. They won't feel that they were left behind. Preventing them to have some cultural shock.
        - Decreases Tantrum attacks. A bag of toy is not as effective as an Ipad to keep our little guy quiet and entertained.
         -Can promote patience.  Waiting for the page to load  and to flip can help develop patience.

But like everything else, there are always two sides of the story. There might be a lot of pros and cons but I feel that all of these will depend on how you perceive technology as a whole.
I am not denying the possibility of Exposure to Child Predators, Inappropriate Content including the possible effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, but  cons can be mitigated by responsible parents.
 By starting from the first day teaching kids how to responsibly use technology I think we can really cut down on the misuse and potential dangers.
Do you allow your kid to do some technology-screen time? Do you think it is something that will benefit young minds or something more worrisome? 
Your thoughts are of great help.



Monday, February 4, 2013

I SPY!- Bento and Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

Photo Credit: Easy

It is my very first to post on my "I SPY!' series!
I Share Another Site is my main goal for this I SPY!. If you've been following me ( well I hope you do), you know that I can spend the rest of my 10 hours or so  just by browsing and surfing. I just love new ideas and new discoveries. I search just about anything, from complex to typical yet can be loved by  mommies and the like. Not a copycat here and I insist! I am not stealing the idea. I am a SPY and I am sharing it!
I am really a huge fan of cutie-pies and minis.  But it was just recently that I started to get  enticed  more and more on cuties for kids. Thanks to Pinterest, where searching for cuties made easy!! What an amazing site that is! I am not a late bloomer though, but being a fraud specialist  makes me so suspicious on all things seen specially sites and links. I don't fall to traps easily. Traps are to deceive- are the one catchy and beautiful. What's in for others may not be a comfort page for me.
It might be too late to be hooked up with Pinterest but I am loving it. You can see just anything under the sun- fashion, designs and interior- and Oh I soo love the quotes!  I am a quote person (which is another story to share).
I stumbled upon Melissa's ANOTHER LUNCH site when I searched for lunch-pack ideas for my toddlers. I want something fun and enticing for my kids to enjoy their lunch and Melissa just saved the day! 
She has listed some of her favorite bentos which are now my favorites too!
Her ideas are awesome, make me wanna try them all and paired them with Easy Lunchboxes containers.
I quote Melissa-- And she says:
*Bento is a way of packing meals in a compact way in a single container. Bentos should be visually appealing and be comprised of assorted foods - smaller portions of each, but providing more variety over all.
What's the reason behind packing?
*I pack my kids' meals this way because we think it is fun! Their whole meal is presented to them at once, similar to how a meal would be on a plate. I have found that they eat more of their food this way, since they don't have baggies and several containers to fuss with or get in their way, there is no packaging that is tricky to open. I also like that their lunches are waste-free. A box of sandwich baggies lasts my family of six a whole year! Less waste is not only good for the environment, but it saves money too! :)
You can visit Melissa and the rest of her Bento collection here: ANOTHERLUNCH
Hurry! check out and join her Muffin Tin Monday!
Keep on Sharing!