Tuesday, February 12, 2013

4 Valentine gift ideas that can make you Wow!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, calling all husbands, boyfriends and boyfriends-to-be! 
Are you being stumped for gift ideas because everything seems just usual? 
And girls, are you after the surprise factor?!

4 Valentine gift ideas that can make you wow!

Red Suede pumps
photoby: Pinterest
Give your legs the appearance of being longer than they are! It enhances the shape of your legs, making you taller and sexier. You can pair it with a cute dress, pants or even  with a nice pair of tees and short. From classic to sassy!
I am not sure with this brand but you can never go wrong with Primadonna. Check out what they have for you!

 Statement tees
photoby: forever21

Fun and expressive statement tees have been an all time favorite! It can instantaneously transform an outfit from casual, daytime look to a stylish, fashion-forward look.  Won't you love to get this one from forever21?

Flowers and chocolate
photoby: Pinterest

All-in-1, 3-in-1, Instant, 24*7.
 Are you going to ask for more if all things were  wrapped up perfectly into one? You like chocolate but not the extra weight.
You like flowers but not the typical. Get her something healthy and Yummy! 

You can replace flowers and chocolate with this bouquet of strawberries dipped in chocolate. Awesome idea right?

 And number 1 on the list is...Valentines Day-Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet

hot-choco recipes by THEPIONEERWOMAN  photoby: Pinterest

You can make the cutest gift with not alot of money.

 A cup of hot chocolate combined with a talk with someone that you love, someone that matters to you makes you wanna cuddle all-day-long.

Classic gifts may not need to be boring or common. You can make a match and more twist. There's nothing more important than giving her what she wants.


And oh! did I say , I am writing this for my hubby?
How about you? What's in your wishlist?



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