Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accepting Compliments on Parenting

How are you at receiving compliments about your children and/or  about anything regarding your parenting? I don't receive a lot of them, but they never fail to discomposed me. I am one of those people who are unable of simply accepting a compliment. I don't think that, simply saying thank you  and then moving on is enough. It’s not that I have issues of feeling undeserving– no, no, no, please!! I just love  it!  I cannot just figure out how to respond more than just saying thank you without being a showboat.

Last Saturday, we attended a birthday party held in Jollibee Luisita and well, hmm (clearing throat), I just received tremendous compliments. Though the birthday celebrant is my bff's  baby, still  most of those attendees are actually strangers to me. From the moment that we arrived  everybody keeps on complementing me for having four cute, healthy little toddlers with that so beautiful and shiny hair.

I get that sometimes or should I say most of the time, (wink)  and it does make me a SUPAH MAMA and it feels so good! More often, I get, "You have beautiful children!", "Oh what a lovely hair they have!", " And Oh your twins are just so lovely!', which also makes me feel really proud, really really proud!

See those 4 boys? Well, they are mine!!

Strangers always thought that they are triplets. But they're not. My eldest is 8 months older than my twins.

And here's my youngest. My Kulot.

Ceejay, the birthday girl, Me, my youngest and my eldest sons.

These type of scenarios are just usual for us, you see, these are the same compliments, questions, comments that we get whenever we attend parties, or when we are simply strolling in the mall. Strangers never fail to grab a look or comment on my kids. Questions from simple to personal and as far as; What's their vitamins?, What is their milk? What do you feed them? Who's your pedia? What shampoo are they using?, or Where did I get their shoes, shirt or bags?

Just the other day, as I am leaving home, one of my neighbors stops me and tells me what a wonderful job I am doing with my children. Wow... that just made me feel amazing :-)

I really understand that sense of pleasure and accomplishment you get when someone you know or even when  a stranger pays you a compliment about your children.  It can be a real boost and it does melts a heart. Afterall, parenting is not a career.  So a little appreciation can go a long way.

Doesn't it just make you feel awesome when you receive one?
But I was thinking about this tendency people might perceive after sending their compliments. You think simply saying "ThankYou"  and then move on will do?
I almost feel like it’s rude not to tell someone the story behind or whatever.
Just like earlier, my friend Charity sent a personal message via facebook saying or should I say questioning me regarding my kids' shampoo. Someone from her baby's party asked her to ask that question to me. Since she is my  friend,  I then answered her questions boastfully, haha... I know she will not consider that as bragging because we are BFF so I know that will just turned out as a joke. As we go through our conversation, I was about to push my blog entry for Vaseline review and was about to advise her to send that to her friend but I stop and think for a while. I am not certain if recommending the post to her friend will help or will create a bad impression and may spell out the real sense of bragging.
What’s this about? I’m going to try and end one sentence today with a “thank you” and see if it sticks. Wish me luck. - See more at:
What’s this about? Should I continue ending a compliment with just a simple  “thank you”? What you think? How do you accept yours?  Wish me luck!!




  1. As they say, kids are the joys of our home. And not only that, they are our true source of wealth too. And with you having 4 kids, you are four times wealthier!

    About compliments, I think it goes with the personality, lalo na for you if you are stronger on the introvert side. I actually don't know how to respond either when complimented, I just say thank you and smile at them, then move on, hehe.

    If complimented with an ability by a spiritual or religious person, I'd deflect it upward by saying, "glory to God."

    Oh join us in our mom bloggers group, See you there!

    1. Hi and thanks! Sure, I'll be glad to join you! actually i am really looking for an active community.. expect me around!

  2. I always say thank you when they compliment my parenting but I always feel like I could have said more but I never know what else to add.