Monday, February 4, 2013

I SPY!- Bento and Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

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It is my very first to post on my "I SPY!' series!
I Share Another Site is my main goal for this I SPY!. If you've been following me ( well I hope you do), you know that I can spend the rest of my 10 hours or so  just by browsing and surfing. I just love new ideas and new discoveries. I search just about anything, from complex to typical yet can be loved by  mommies and the like. Not a copycat here and I insist! I am not stealing the idea. I am a SPY and I am sharing it!
I am really a huge fan of cutie-pies and minis.  But it was just recently that I started to get  enticed  more and more on cuties for kids. Thanks to Pinterest, where searching for cuties made easy!! What an amazing site that is! I am not a late bloomer though, but being a fraud specialist  makes me so suspicious on all things seen specially sites and links. I don't fall to traps easily. Traps are to deceive- are the one catchy and beautiful. What's in for others may not be a comfort page for me.
It might be too late to be hooked up with Pinterest but I am loving it. You can see just anything under the sun- fashion, designs and interior- and Oh I soo love the quotes!  I am a quote person (which is another story to share).
I stumbled upon Melissa's ANOTHER LUNCH site when I searched for lunch-pack ideas for my toddlers. I want something fun and enticing for my kids to enjoy their lunch and Melissa just saved the day! 
She has listed some of her favorite bentos which are now my favorites too!
Her ideas are awesome, make me wanna try them all and paired them with Easy Lunchboxes containers.
I quote Melissa-- And she says:
*Bento is a way of packing meals in a compact way in a single container. Bentos should be visually appealing and be comprised of assorted foods - smaller portions of each, but providing more variety over all.
What's the reason behind packing?
*I pack my kids' meals this way because we think it is fun! Their whole meal is presented to them at once, similar to how a meal would be on a plate. I have found that they eat more of their food this way, since they don't have baggies and several containers to fuss with or get in their way, there is no packaging that is tricky to open. I also like that their lunches are waste-free. A box of sandwich baggies lasts my family of six a whole year! Less waste is not only good for the environment, but it saves money too! :)
You can visit Melissa and the rest of her Bento collection here: ANOTHERLUNCH
Hurry! check out and join her Muffin Tin Monday!
Keep on Sharing!

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