Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two reasons as to why I introduced technology to my kids at an early stage.

A picture is worth a thousand words. True I guessed, as most of those people I know who saw this, have questioned my way of parenting.

Motherhood and technology go hand in hand these days. As a matter of fact contemporary classroom with a board and a chalk has  now been replaced with digital programs. Pre-school now aday comes online, offering variety of learning technology that were proven to be more helpful than the contemporary ones.
We can't halt the advance of progress, so if we can't beat it, join it!
The best way to make technology a healthy and positive part of family life is actually to embrace it.
I am allowing my kids to be entertained by these technologies. And I've been introducing digital age to these tots even before they enter preschool.  
Two reasons as to why I introduced technology to my kids at an early stage. 
1. Knowledge Factor
        -Motor skills can be developed. - Fingers and hands are given  some type of valuable workout through pushing keys and maneuvering the mouse. Eye and hands coordination are being honed either when doing some online games or just by simply watching some educational shows.     
           - Creativity and Learning can be fueled by digital play. -Learning art, the alphabet and education has never been this exciting whether on TV or on an IPAD! Sesame Street has long been credited with helping youngsters learn the alphabet.
            -Can expand interest on entertainment. Singing and dancing skills can be developed through constant screen time.
            -Can help push communication skills. Pleasant narration of letters and words can help kids to talk clearly. It can help kids to pronounce words correctly and fluently . 
2. Behavioral Factor
        - Can lift kids' self esteem. Technology advancement can  provide self confidence to kids. They won't feel that they were left behind. Preventing them to have some cultural shock.
        - Decreases Tantrum attacks. A bag of toy is not as effective as an Ipad to keep our little guy quiet and entertained.
         -Can promote patience.  Waiting for the page to load  and to flip can help develop patience.

But like everything else, there are always two sides of the story. There might be a lot of pros and cons but I feel that all of these will depend on how you perceive technology as a whole.
I am not denying the possibility of Exposure to Child Predators, Inappropriate Content including the possible effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, but  cons can be mitigated by responsible parents.
 By starting from the first day teaching kids how to responsibly use technology I think we can really cut down on the misuse and potential dangers.
Do you allow your kid to do some technology-screen time? Do you think it is something that will benefit young minds or something more worrisome? 
Your thoughts are of great help.




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