Saturday, March 2, 2013

Electolux Hush Happier at Home

Days-off means family day to me. Two awesome days of spending quality time with the kids and hubby. But did I say that days-off means laundry, vacuum  and chores time too?

Mind you,  we are talking about taking care of 4 toddlers ages 5,4,4 and 2 packed with never-ending tasks. Can you imagine the noise of these toddlers added with the noise coming from my appliances? Won't you just love the idea of changing and throwing them away?
No,no, not my kids but my appliances! Hearing my kids giggling and laughing  sounds like music to my ear except when being interrupted with the disturbing noise of these appliances.

I love the idea of consolidating all chores and doing them while the kids are dozing off.  But this is not possible unless I have a noise-free appliance like that of Electrolux.

Did I say,  I just found my best buddies to be? Come and meet them!

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green - coupling great performance and stylish looks into one well balanced, environmental friendly package. - A perfect cleaning buddy just right for you!

My kids are being petrified by the sound of the vacuum and the washing machine specially if the sound disrupted their nap time, ending our family day with an upset and moody toddler. So in as much as possible, I do all things when they are awake. But doing chores when they are awake limits me from spending more quality time with them.

With Ultrasilencer Green around, I can now do chores on my kids' nap time or even at night after they go to sleep.

And oh what about Electrolux Power Mix Silent Blender?

Electrolux Power Mix Silent Blender - It’s 10 times quieter than the average blender and features a patented Sound Reduction System, great performance, and sleek design.

My kids love the refreshing taste of fruits combined with their favorite milk.  Expect a big grin on my kiddos' face when mommy shouts fruitshake time! But believe it or not, I never actually had a blender  — I always just borrow that of my mom.  I know this might sound crazy, but I’ve always been a bit irritated when it comes to making fruitshakes at home. I would rather buy some than use mom's blender which always sounds like it's working really hard. I don't have the patience, please! Oh well, blenders were known to be loud and noisy. And I am sure you can relate to that, right?

So you can imagine my excitement over my discovery of Electrolux Powermix Silent - claiming ten times quieter than all other blenders. Wow— Really?

This is just right in time!  Summer is fast approaching  and as a matter of fact, I was just surprised when my 5 year old son asked me if I would like to get some smoothies. Smoothies? Never did I mention the word smoothies to these kids, well, maybe someone from his school had mentioned about it and now this little kuya is looking forward to making smoothies at home. What a great idea for summer kiddo activity!

So what do you think about my best buddies to be?

Electrolux Power Mix Silent Blender and Ultrasilencer Green are now a-must-have on my list.

And the best thing about spending a quiet and relaxing weekend at home?
Well, it's the ability to carve out  my time to relax and have fun with my family.
Maximizing my time spend with my kids like there's no tomorrow.

With Electrolux by my side?..  I can surely  take control of my family weekend activities and can get the most out of valuable family weekend time. Wootwoot!!

Grab and check out my best buddies to be!!!

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