Friday, March 8, 2013

how i retrieved my old-school comment box from nuffnangx conversation

it was too late for me to see that something on my comment box has changed. my old school comment box was gone and all comments are showing automatically via NuffnangX Conversations.
and   i     don't     like    it
it might have  happened after claiming my blog on NuffnangX and little did I know  that it routed all comments to that form. OMG!! I don't like the idea of removing my old school comment box.
and so I've search on how to remove the nuffnangx  conversation so that  my old school comment box will appear again.
it was just a piece of cake!!! my long-lost comment box is up again and running!!!
but wait......comments on my three recent posts are not showing after I disabled nuffnangX converstaion. 
big URGGGG...
sorry to those who commented on those three recent blogs, I won't be able to comment back to you. sigh.
you can disablenuffnangX conversation by logging onto the NuffnangX website. here's how.


aren't you missing your old-school comment box? does NuffnangX conversation works on you? 



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