Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There's a rainbow always after the rain

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Finally!!! Two  long weeks is almost over. My entire family got sick for the past 2 weeks, first, the kids got stomach flu and diarrhea. Cade  got the virus then followed by his twin brother Cale, then followed by their kuya Clian and then the youngest Cyle.
That made me so stressed and tired.  And so I ended up being sick  at the end of the week. 
Here goes again the feeling of " WHY ME?", Have you experience this? You unexpectedly murmured something with out even thinking about it because what you know is that life is unfair. :(

Just imagine having four sick kids?! Plus a terrible headache and severe dysmenorrhea . Ohhhh!!!I never like this feeling! Who would want this anyway?

But that did not stop there. Just last Tuesday, a week after the 5 of us got sick, hubby experienced a terrible pain on his lower back. Pain had led him to send himself to the ER. It was 5 in the afternoon that he decided to go to the hospital because he can no longer bear the pain. I immediately followed him after I settled  the kids and as mom took over. I saw him almost fainted cuddled on a chair.  To cut the story short, since hubby is somehow feeling well, he was sent home and  he decided to go with me as we still have to  report to work that night.
The day after that , we went directly to the hospital to get some tests done. KUB, Xray, then KUB Ultrasound, then CT-SCAN. Result of CT scan is with in 24 hours so that means we have to go back again by Thursday morning. Went home at around 5PM , checked the kids then went to bed as I have to go to work again by 9PM.

Same goes by Friday, after work, we went ahead to the hospital.  We've learned that hubby has Ureteral stone. Ureteral stone is a kidney stone that has left the kidney and moved down into the ureter.  He was then  advised to undergo an Ureteroscopy immediately as in ASAP as per the Urologyst. The procedure will cost us 50k  plus 5000 cash out for the Dr. and I said WHAT??? I am not sure if this is the right amount for the procedure. But 50k for that procedure alone does not sound good to me specially when he mentioned that  we still have to pay the extra 5000 cash to him.
Hubby and I talked about it and we agreed to grab that 50k plus 5k deal with that doctor if the pain persist until Saturday, (anyway, the doctor is known to be very efficient.. so we'll just take it from there and we'll not mind the fee) And ofcourse we don't want to lose time if there's a need for the procedure to be done immediately.

I can bear with the pressure and the  stress but the doctor? This doctor  tries to steal from us by  taking advantage of our situation, can you imagine that? I don't actually mind the 50k if my hubby badly needs the procedure.  That's actually the reason why we availed health insurance, so that we have something to use in cases like this. But what the heck are you going to do with the extra 5000 Mr. DR?  Your patient  has his insurance card already. Isn't  all fees, including your professional  fee should be included on the hospital bill?.. something smells fishy here. Does the hospital knows that you are asking for a payment that will not be included on the hospital bill?  Is it because you are the only MD, DPBU, FPUA, FPCS and a surgeon at the same time why you took advantage of your patients?

I don't want to show much hatred on this post as I have so many things to be thankful for but this doctor is making me sick.  Most of his patients are old , you can even see on their looks that they are poor and maybe not well educated and ofcourse with no health insurance, so what about them? Im hoping that he does not do the same trick to these poor elderly. He does everything in a rush so if you are not a quick thinker, you'll fall into it. I can't imagine that he is also taking advantage of these people.

Pain is On and Off.  Pain is less than what he had last Tuesday though it is still there.
So here comes Saturday morning, hubby is still in pain. I asked him if he now wants to go to the hospital so  I can prepare everything before hand. He declined and have asked  to get some rest again. But before he went back to bed, he said that he needs to pee. This time, the sensation and the urge to pee is different, he's not expecting anything but since the feeling is different, he did hold his pee for a long time ( suppressing all urine at one end) and then he released it all at once. Something went out that he was not able to catch up. We are hoping that it's what we're waiting for.
I woke him up at around 2 pm checking if everything is okay and if he wants to go to the hospital well as a sort of reminder that there will be no available doctors by Sunday if incase we will be needing one. That seemed to alarm him, so he woke up silently, mind you, this guy is not responding. I know something is still wrong. I  got no answers. I know he's assessing everything. Until he fell asleep again. I woke him up around 5PM but he said that his back is okay and we'll just check for another doctor by Monday. That gives me so much relief, atleast I know that he's no longer in so much pain though I am still not satisfied because I know he has a very strong pain tolerance. Sunday was good. He insisted to do  his usual Sunday chores. Everything seems to be okay. Sunday made us think clearly of what to do next by Monday.

Monday came and we were able to find another doctor. As a matter of fact we tried two more doctors to clarify his situation.  Both doctors advised him to take some supplements and vitamins first since it seems like he already released the stone last Saturday but just to be sure he was advised to take another CT scan after a month. Hubby is pain free now.
What I think had helped him to be free from pain are those supplements and herbal medicines he takes. Since Wednesday, aside from those supplements he takes , he also  drinks a lot of water, fresh coconut and pandan lalaki ( i'm not sure its name in English) alternately.

Kids are all okay now. None of them got hospitalize. Praise the Lord and thanks to my medicine diary ( notes of all illness they got from the past plus of what  medicine cured them).
Mommy is well too. Woohoo!! I was able to recover fast or should I say I was forced to recover fast. Yay! Thanks God as hubby seems to be okay now.  Another round of Ct scan after a month of medicine and herbal medicine. I believe everything is going well. I can feel so much happiness in my heart as God healed me and my loved ones.  Our love for each other plus our faith in God made everything possible. HE is really good all the time!! Seek faith and you will receive.. just believe in HIM.

Let me end my post by this simple quote. (it's actually a part of SouthBorder's song)

Life's full of challenges
Not all the time we get what we want
But don't despair my dear coz I know now
You'll take each trial and you'll make it through the storm
Coz you're strong my faith in you is clear
So ill say once again this worlds wonderful and
Let us celebrate life that's so beautiful, so beautiful
There's a rainbow always after the rain




  1. Good thing sis you condulted another doctor. My mantra in life is to see things in a different perspective. It's a matter of seeing good things in difficult times.

    Coconut juice is really good. Kami din water therapy and buko juice galore minsan.

    Anyway, keep the faith sis. I'm glad you and the kids are ok now. =)

  2. Oh no! Poor mommy and daddy! When my daughter had roseola, it left me really exhausted and tired both physically and emotionally. Isa pa lang yan. What more 4 kids?

    Good to know you're family's okay now. Stay strong!