Friday, April 19, 2013

GIVEAWAY: FREE Mom & Me Event Ticket!

Who's up for a free event ticket? Here's a great Mother's Day bonding moment! Mom and Me ph is giving away 25 free entrance tickets to the MOM&ME event that will be held on May 25 to 26, 2013 (Saturday-Sunday)  9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.  at  Rockwell Tent, Makati City.

Here's why you should grab and go!

The Workshop/Event Tickets are at:
P499 for (1) Mom and (1) Kid and gives access to ALL Mom and Me activities
P199 for limited access (Shopping and booth activities only)

But you can get them for FREE! Just follow the mechanics in the Rafflecopter widget below:

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How I wish I could bring my FOUR-C-Sons on the event!! But see you lucky winners!!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

FREE Mother's Day Treat by Widus Resort and Casino

Looking for a perfect and classy gift for your wife/mom? Worry no more! Widus Resort and Casino is giving away free Mother's Day Treat! Let your mom enjoy a free overnight stay Wid US.

Widus Resort and Casino received the re-accreditation certificate as a De Luxe Class Hotel from the Department of Tourism and ranked #13 Luxury Hotel and #25 Hotel in the Philippines in Tripadvisor.  Inspired by the simple yet elegant character of modern Asian designs, the facade and interiors reflect a refreshing and inviting ambiance not usually found in other Deluxe and Five Star hotels. Visually stunning and perfectly planned, the hotel capitalizes on its natural ventilation, space and picture perfect scenery which can be enjoyed at any vantage point. The light and airy environment exudes total relaxation and comfort, qualities which every guest will always look forward to aside from the warm and personal service.

Here's HOW:

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More shares and tweets, more chances of winning!   1 Facebook Winner and 1 Twitter Winner. Goodluck!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

FREE ADVERTISEMENT: Mom and Me Event Announcement

FREE ADVERTISEMENT:As a mommy blogger, there are alot of events within Manila that I really wish to attend with my kids. Events  that a mom wouldn't wanna miss. These are what we call "Mommy and Baby Events" which can provide alot of MOMMYANDME time for parents and their kids.

I am not a social butterfly but I believe with once a month or once in a while activity with fellow mommies. I see the event as a way to maximize Mother-baby time aside from the bonus of feeling good about my parenting. Plus, I get all sorts of good information from experts and experienced mommies on the event.  

If you wanna have some fun with your kids and enjoy what is mommy and baby event is, you can join MOMandMEph. You can do alot of things with your babies as seen in the poster and there's more:  

  • Get your family portrait taken!  
  • Give yourself and your tots a beauty make-over! 
  •  Join contests, raffles and get giveaways!  
  • Listen to inspirational and educational talks!  
  • And shop at over 50 top Mom and Kids brands!   
Workshop/Event Tickets are: P499 for (1) Mom and (1) Kid and gives access to ALL Mom and Me activities P199 for limited access (Shopping and booth activities only)   

 Mom and Me aims to strengthen the loving bonds of moms and kids through SHARED ACTIVITIES.

   "Closeness is not only an emotion felt between two people, but rather a lived experience grounded in and constructed by human interaction," - Elizabeth L. Barrett and Mark T. Morman, Ph.D 

 "Activities shared by parent and child are the best way to build Looker, Listener, and Mover skills. [These] stimulate your child's development better than anything money can buy. No toy can listen, look, or move with your child as well as you can." - Lauren Bradway, Ph.D   

For more information , please contact the event organizer: 

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 I hope to see you there!!    

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

At 16 months, my youngest is potty-trained already. 4 Easiest Ways to Potty Train yours.

It was just recently that I have posted a personal message received from a fellow mommy about potty training. She asked if it is okay to potty train a 14 month old baby. And I ofcourse happily answered her questions based from my experience. And now she is asking for tips on how I have potty trained my kids. And I thought of posting it as well for other mommies' reference. I hope you can find this post useful.

Here's her new PM: "Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. It is helpful. Anyway, can you give me tips on how to potty train a baby boy? He doesn't have older brothers to follow and he is still 14 mos old. he still don't know how to say words.".

Here are my tips.

1. You have to carefully instruct him about potty training. Though he won't be able to undestand fully, atleast he knows what's going on.

2.Stop asking if the kid needs to go to poop or pee.  - why would he wants to stop anything for a potty break, right? You just need to take him with out asking.

3. Also you can try having him wear underwear the whole day and change him every incident.Or leave him naked the whole time and put a potty near him. This will lead him to realize that he doesn't want to be messy and stinky all day long.

4.If not fully potty trained - Exercise "diaper at bedtime or naptime only."

There will be a lot of accidents specially for the first couple of days but as you go on with the trainiNg, your kid will  recognize more of the signs that he needs to go.

It takes a lot of patience and stinky days.. Good Luck!

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The first-ever message/question I received from a fellow mommy.

Wow!!! I was overwhelmed with this!! Thanks!!! I did not imagine that this will come as early as this. As I have told you guys many times, I am not an expert.. it's just about ME, my PEN and my BIG MOUTH!..

Here's a message from Christine.

"hi! just wanted to ask for an opinion. My baby is now 14 mos old. is it the right time to potty train him? And should I be worried that he still doesn't know how to walk? thanks for the response!"

Here's my reply.

Thanks for your message. I am sorry if my reply is a little bit late. Yes, that would be okay. My youngest was potty trained as early as 16 months. He has been doing great! though for other mom, 12-18 months is too early.

We have his little potty chair in our living room so that way he can see it and doesn't have to go looking for it. He actually will walk over to his potty chair or tell me that he wants to pee or poop. I usually then run over and put him on the potty and he will go instantly. I don't give him anything for going on the potty jt came natural to him because he wants to mimic his older brothers.. he even potty trained himself.. lol..

I dont see anything wrong in potty training a 14month old baby...actually , the sooner the better..

question: And should I be worried that he still doesn't know how to walk?

Please do not worry. Knowing what I know now, each baby is different and will walk when THEY ARE READY. What you should be looking for is the PROGRESS that your child can do more than simply hitting MILESTONES.

As long as your baby has not just stopped making progress and getting stronger you probably have nothing to worry about. Also, many babies progress in different areas at different times, so if they are focusing on their social skills they may ignore their physical progress for a while, and vice versa.

But ofcourse, the best answer could be that of your pedia.

I hope I was able to help..

again, I am not an expert... well, maybe an experienced one.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

MOMBLOGGER: To whom am I blogging for?- A letter to my Insecure Reader.

Only few of the people relatively around me understand what -Mom blogger- is.
I've been judged many times as to why I keep my family life too public.
And as to  why I let my style of parenting and mothering be open to anyone when I am not a real expert on this matter. This strikes me BIG TIME.

Excuse me! I am not being  compensated for this. Never did I claim that I am an expert. I know a lot of you would ask of what am I getting in exchange as I write about my children? What am I getting in return as I share tidbits of our lives?

I've been MIA for a couple of weeks - giving time to analyze if I am on the right path. Am I really enjoying what I do, what I write and what I share? Now that my words are out there for everyone to read. Am I really a mom blogger or just a mom blogger wanna-be?

Blogging about parenting and mothering is not all about happy moments, good vibes or not about showcasing the good side of me. Not even about bragging my kids to public, to friends.  It is mainly about how I handle this stage of my life in the most natural way. Indeed difficult.  Difficult financially, physically and emotionally.

I do yell. I get mad. I spank my kids. I cry over their tantrums. I get tired, lazy and sleepy.  No matter how I keep myself awake and alive, there are times that I miss to give them their vitamins or their prescribed medicine.

I was judged many times- for allowing them to use tech gadgets at an early age, even had a debate  for not breastfeeding them, was questioned when I send Clian to an exclusive and expensive school in our place.

Honestly, there came a time that I asked myself of what I have gotten into. God has been good for sending four little angels with out wings my way but motherhood had  made me realized that I have No house, No savings, No career. And hmm.. No sexy body.  CHOZ!

I am not perfect. Never did I say I AM!!  Parenting and Mothering does not mean you have to be perfect.  When you become a mom, the last thing you want to feel is to be judged because everybody is trying to do the best they can. No matter what you do, no matter what your parenting style is, you will always be the best mom to your kids.

And to you, dear Insecure Reader,

Though I am blogging because I want to share what I have learned along each stages of motherhood, I'll tell you frankly that I am not blogging because of YOU. Not even for dollar or fame as claimed it to.
So please don't judge me as you don't know what I've been through!

Here's why I blog:

I am blogging for  my kids.  This is what they will have someday when they wish to recall their childhood- when they wish to see how silly,funny, clever, hardheaded, childish  and loving they are. Memories of their childhood that I can keep through my writings. Along with their thousands of pictures on my pc.

I am blogging for my husband.  Someday, when I am old and gray my hubby will be the only grown up who would be interested in checking this blogsite with me. Recalling what we've been through. Reminiscing how we've handled these four little brats.

I am blogging for myself. Everybody knows how difficult motherhood is but I don’t have anyone to talk to about it. I don't like anyone near me to think that I regret it.  It is only through writing that I can express my self clearly without being judged.
                                      . My memory does not serve me better after giving birth consecutively and if it was not  through blogging ,  I may have forgotten how my kids have grown up so fast.
                                      .There's no place like finding comfort , connections and creating a space for myself along with other homeMIES around the world.

I am blogging for my family. Someday, maybe when I am gone, my kids can turn into this to see how my husband and I managed to raise, love and care them perfectly without hesitations and regrets. That despite the difficulty of living, we managed to provide them the best of what we can.

How about you? What are you blogging for? To whom are you blogging for?

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