Sunday, April 14, 2013

FREE ADVERTISEMENT: Mom and Me Event Announcement

FREE ADVERTISEMENT:As a mommy blogger, there are alot of events within Manila that I really wish to attend with my kids. Events  that a mom wouldn't wanna miss. These are what we call "Mommy and Baby Events" which can provide alot of MOMMYANDME time for parents and their kids.

I am not a social butterfly but I believe with once a month or once in a while activity with fellow mommies. I see the event as a way to maximize Mother-baby time aside from the bonus of feeling good about my parenting. Plus, I get all sorts of good information from experts and experienced mommies on the event.  

If you wanna have some fun with your kids and enjoy what is mommy and baby event is, you can join MOMandMEph. You can do alot of things with your babies as seen in the poster and there's more:  

  • Get your family portrait taken!  
  • Give yourself and your tots a beauty make-over! 
  •  Join contests, raffles and get giveaways!  
  • Listen to inspirational and educational talks!  
  • And shop at over 50 top Mom and Kids brands!   
Workshop/Event Tickets are: P499 for (1) Mom and (1) Kid and gives access to ALL Mom and Me activities P199 for limited access (Shopping and booth activities only)   

 Mom and Me aims to strengthen the loving bonds of moms and kids through SHARED ACTIVITIES.

   "Closeness is not only an emotion felt between two people, but rather a lived experience grounded in and constructed by human interaction," - Elizabeth L. Barrett and Mark T. Morman, Ph.D 

 "Activities shared by parent and child are the best way to build Looker, Listener, and Mover skills. [These] stimulate your child's development better than anything money can buy. No toy can listen, look, or move with your child as well as you can." - Lauren Bradway, Ph.D   

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 I hope to see you there!!    

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  1. Hello Joan ! I plan on joining this event as well if my schedule permits it and I hope we get the chance to meet as well . By the way you may want to join Dainty Mom's Blog anniversary giveaway or writing contest as well title "Moms Know Best " sponsored by Wilkins. I wrote about it with the title "Learning From Each Others Stories ." Sayang kasi and who knows you might even win .

    Blessings !

    1. HI Sarah! I miss you and your comments.

      Well I'll try my best to attend too. So, see you if ever hah!

      Thanks for the heads up. Ill be checking on that and will be reading your entry!! Hope we'll win! :)