Saturday, April 6, 2013

The first-ever message/question I received from a fellow mommy.

Wow!!! I was overwhelmed with this!! Thanks!!! I did not imagine that this will come as early as this. As I have told you guys many times, I am not an expert.. it's just about ME, my PEN and my BIG MOUTH!..

Here's a message from Christine.

"hi! just wanted to ask for an opinion. My baby is now 14 mos old. is it the right time to potty train him? And should I be worried that he still doesn't know how to walk? thanks for the response!"

Here's my reply.

Thanks for your message. I am sorry if my reply is a little bit late. Yes, that would be okay. My youngest was potty trained as early as 16 months. He has been doing great! though for other mom, 12-18 months is too early.

We have his little potty chair in our living room so that way he can see it and doesn't have to go looking for it. He actually will walk over to his potty chair or tell me that he wants to pee or poop. I usually then run over and put him on the potty and he will go instantly. I don't give him anything for going on the potty jt came natural to him because he wants to mimic his older brothers.. he even potty trained himself.. lol..

I dont see anything wrong in potty training a 14month old baby...actually , the sooner the better..

question: And should I be worried that he still doesn't know how to walk?

Please do not worry. Knowing what I know now, each baby is different and will walk when THEY ARE READY. What you should be looking for is the PROGRESS that your child can do more than simply hitting MILESTONES.

As long as your baby has not just stopped making progress and getting stronger you probably have nothing to worry about. Also, many babies progress in different areas at different times, so if they are focusing on their social skills they may ignore their physical progress for a while, and vice versa.

But ofcourse, the best answer could be that of your pedia.

I hope I was able to help..

again, I am not an expert... well, maybe an experienced one.

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