Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A post for myself on Mothers' Day! Am I not a SUPERMOM? + the story of my freelancing life!

I think this quote is just right and timely for the recent blessing that I received. How many times did I post this already? Hmm..  I actually posted it in FB and I wrote about it on my recent post but why am I posting it again? Well, maybe to answer some of my friends questions and to tell them that I am not bragging. I want them to see how grateful I am for this. One more online blessing and I can then send my three toddlers to a private school.

Again, here's what I have posted in FB:

"Another signed contract! Thank you Lord for pouring so much blessings in me. They may be little at times but you never fail to spread them around me! Thinking about it, $8 per hour is not little for a part time job! My weekends will surely be occupied and productive moving forward. But that's okay, this is what I prayed for. I am just grateful that you magically transformed my wishes to reality! I just feel so lucky and loved! More to come please!"

Surely it POURED!.. It poured a lot of questions coming from friends and ex-colleagues. LOL. I don't have any intention to brag I simply  wanna SHOUT OUT that God is really good! He just know exactly  when is the right time to send extra.

As I happily replied to all emails and messages received, a flashback popped-up  to my mind recalling those times that I was novice to any of these. I never fail to PING friends whenever I see them posting statuses via FB that they got jobs online, that they have and are earning extra through small businesses, IM-ing even those that are not so close to me...anxious but mostly to no avail. Most of them maybe have taken deadmatology in college for they keep on ignoring my messages. But that did not stop me, that's how enthralled I am to have extra jobs and how breathless I am to learn this online thing. Why? Because I have four toddlers to feed. Just imagine the financial need that we have to go through everyday, it is  kinda stressing. STRESS and spelling it out! Bottle feeding and  diapering at the same time. All are in immunization stage. Four different set of clothing and necessities. And how about the vaccines? Can you just imagine that?

I entered married life in a flash! Yeah, that's true!  Claim it unplanned, I don' care but it was indeed abrupt! I got married in a snap, got pregnant fleetly; 2007 for my eldest, 2008 for the twins and 2010 for my youngest.

Now, would you blame me if I need something extra?

Let me tell you a short story of how we survive those days of sudden spike of financial needs came. These are the things that  I have tried so far to get something extra. Let me go over them,  before I gave birth to my twins just a few months before my eldest first birthday, I sell cooking oil, non-branded detergent and imported diaper every day-off  on fair market (tyangge) near our area. I did not expect that a fair market with not that classy community will refuse in buying cheap imported diapers and home made detergents.  My products are with the same quality of those that are branded. My  idea of earning and sharing tips on how to minimize family expenses did not work on my community.  It was indeed a failure.

That triggered me to set up an online shop.Little by little it grew as  I managed to set it up providing wholesale deals. I set up an account via SULIT.COM. It cascaded just right before I gave birth to my twins. Boomed like I  never expected, I had some shares of suki (trusted buyers) all over Central buying in bulk as mine is the cheapest way North. But as my business grows a little, my suppliers increased their products' prices. That forced me to stop and look for another profitable business.That gave birth to my  own online boutique.  I set up an FB account DRESSFORLESS offering cheapest wholesale sexy/ladies clothing. I sell them in two ways, online and then also peddled them over business establishments here in Tarlac. A lot of hard work but that endowed a lot of extras in my pocket.

Selling maybe my forte but I want something more. I want something that I can LEARN as I EARN.  I heard a lot of stories of people earning online but not through selling. I did not believe about that not until I saw my high school friend doing it. I saw him posting his earnings, of what he was able to buy or accomplish because of that online job.  Well, not literally showed it to me. Let's say I started to stalk over his facebook and blog posts. Indicating his earnings and how he spends them got me hooked up. That enticed me well and provided so much inner strength to finally confront and ask him how he does things.
And I regret that very moment that I have approached him to ask for help. I am not asking for financial help, all I am asking is his guidance..he's a long time friend so I thought he is willing to give me hints on how to learn his stuffs. And the rest of the story?.. I'll just apprise it in the future.

Am I not a Supermom?Just timely for mothers' day noh? (right in time for mothers' day.) A sort of motivation, pagbigyan na!!(Allow me to say that as it's a way to motivate me).  By simply  saying so makes me wanna  stand firm and achieve more. I cannot say that I am not happy but honesty  this is not the life that I want to settle with. I am happy with my kids, with my loving husband around but with our financial status? I want more!! I don't wanna grow old like this. Not only that I am aiming for financial freedom but I am also aiming for more knowledge.  And yes, I am not getting all of my WANTS but HE specifically provided me with all that I NEED.  Isnt it magical? I am hoping for another online blessing on the way. Crossing my fingers and praying so hard now. I now know that my life is dictated by what I do. I am in this journey with all my heart. I am striving for a happier, more meaningful life with peace and better productivity. All the answers I am seeking can be found inside me. And these? These are all for my kids!

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  1. Belated Happy Mother's Day to you Joan. Do have time to take some rest in between despite your busy schedule.

    Blessings !

    1. And to you too my friend! I will and hope to see you on Mom & Me event!

      sharing my love to you! :)

  2. Salute!

    I soo love this post, the humility and sincerity... I wish you good luck on everything that you're currently doing, your future plans and most of all to motherhood!


    1. it was a pleasure to see you around Balut! I've been a follower and I am glad you've seen my humble post. Thanks for the good luck! Hope to see you more often!!

      Blessings to you dear!

    2. Dropping by to say Hi! and THANK YOU for being a part of my fruitful two years!


  3. Way to go girl! I hope you find success in your business. I'm a stay home myself, I'm also into business that's why I work my ass off to make cakes! Haha...Plus I opened an etsy shop and sell headbands. I do and sell everything as long as it's legal. Ha! You are a SUPERMOM, 4 toddlers is a lot of work and I salute you for that. Belated Happy Mother's Day my friend :)


    1. Oh my dear Anne! you never fail to make me feel awesome! Thanks for believing that I am indeed a superwoman/mom.

      I'll try to check your store in etsy. I'm sure yours are lovely as well as your cakes!

      Kisses to you and your baby! See you around!


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  5. Hi just dropping by to THANK YOU for being a part of my blog that is closing soon. Hope to still see you around on my other blog


  6. you deserved what you've got because you know how to thank God! Keep it up Joan!

  7. Si old friend ba hindi nagshare ng tips? So sad naman

    Anyways, this is inspiring. Someday I wanted to be successful din. Kung hindi ako successful sa relationship, kahit man lang sa career, o kaya yumaman na lang ako :D