Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sharing my Blessings with you!

I've been missing  in action for a couple of weeks. I miss writing and sharing my thoughts. What makes me busy for the past weeks? Well, I have one good news and one bad news to share.
The bad news is, the small lump just near my incision scar came back. I had it removed last 2011 just a year after my 3rd CS delivery. For the past couple of months, I've been experiencing the same pain I had when I was diagnosed for this so hubby and I decided to seek for a second opinion. I am currently under medication and I am hoping not to stand another operation but ofcourse  I will abide if there's really a need for it.
I will not further discuss endometriosis as Google is readily available to answer you for that. But you can check my story or of what I've been through before, here's my life after CS.
Oh well, let's opt for the good one. Hurray! I have another part time job. You know how I badly needed one, right? I have 3 kiddos to send to toddler school this coming school year, so I have to get things better and ready before June.  But unfortunately, out of excitement, I proudly shout out my freelance status via facebook. Isn't that awful? Too late to realize that I made a big mistake in announcing it publicly! Here's what I have posted "Another signed contract! Thank you Lord for pouring so much blessings in me. They may be little at times but you never fail to spread them around me! Thinking about it, $8 per hour is not little for a part time job! My weekends will surely be occupied and productive moving forward. But that's okay, this is what I prayed for. I am just grateful that you magically transformed my wishes to reality! I just feel so lucky and loved! More to come please! " And how bad is that?
Anyhow, whether good or bad , I still thank God for what he is sending my way. Each trials and blessings has the same impact in regards to lessons being learned. Surely, gifts from God are being send in different packages and that did not stop me from welcoming them. Because only when I hugged them tightly that I'll see the good things it can do even how bad it came out of my sight.
Hoping you had some shares  of blessings too!


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  3. Hi sis, I wonder what happened after you posted your status,I got lost when you said "it's awful" and "how bad is that."

  4. Hope your medication works so you won't need another surgery. Congrats on your new job, I wonder why you say that it's bad that you announced it on facebook.

  5. I hope you do get better with your current medication. Congratulations on your new job!

  6. Why did you say that it's bad you announced it on Facebook? Spreading the good vibes on worldwide web isn't awful at all. I hope you get well, soon! :)