Sunday, December 1, 2013

Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Super Mario Brothers - DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes

My own version of PeterPan, CaptainHook, Mario and Luigi (Super Mario Brothers). These are my latest DIY projects (second season for Halloween Costumes). What's not to love about being frugal and crafty using DIY ideas and unique styling? MomlovesGlam! Surely it fires up my imagination and gets the creative juices flowing. And the achievements?? ohh... totally awesome! Above all, is the opportunity to watch my kids live out their fantasies of being pirates and superheroes! #MYfourCsons #DIY

For Halloween this year Clian and Cyle dressed up as Peter Pan and Captain Hook while my twins dressed up as Super Mario Brothers.  This was the second year I have ever made their costumes and I was quite pleased with how easy and cute they turned out!

And this pretty much sums up the fun...boxes of chocolates, certificate and gift checks! 

We attended 3 events in these costumes: daddy's company halloween costume party, kid's school Disney Ball and a mall halloween costume contest. We hope you had so much fun as these kids did!

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