Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cade and Cale's Recognition and Clian's Moving Up Day!

Congratulations babies! Those are pretty awesome awards you really deserve! 
*Rainbow of Smart Ideas Award was given to Cade for being able to express his Outstanding and Practical Ideas.*Little Einstein Award for Cale for always being Curious and Ready to Explore and try new things.

Clian got the Creative Hands award-for being able to use his Hands , Eyes and Mind in MAKING  an Inner Image External. 

We knew it was where he really excels! We're proud that we've made the best decision in entrusting his childhood to Creston. Our home and our kid's school environment are the most influential places in his life especially this early stage - and Creston was able to  bridge these two worlds together. I got teary-eyed on K2's presentation - it was as if someone it is telling me that more than the award, what matters most is the fulfillment of seeing he enjoyed his preschool  and that our hard work pays off.  

It's time to move up!  One down and 4 more graduations to go, Clian! 


Enjoy today, our darling child. 
It may seem like just a little 
But in reality, you’ve completed your first mile. 
After this, comes more school days 
And sadly less time to play. 

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

We hope that our twins will enjoy their K2 too.  'till next school year!

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