Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mom, sorry! I did not get the Gold.

The moment Clian stepped out of the car, he run to me and hugged me and said "Mom, sorry, I did not get the gold (while sobbing in between).  I hugged him back and told him "it doesn't matter cause I knew you've learned alot". Grade school was so new to you then,  I knew you were smart but I did not expect anything from you aside from oh well - that teachers will see you as a pain in their b----! Surely, they'll agree! Nah!  

As a matter of fact, I am very proud of you! You know why? Because YOU became a better Clian! Yes, you may have missed the Gold but wait - look what you have accomplished?! These by far are the most important things that can help you become a better you! YOU won the gold when you competed to THESE gold medalists, YOU were a school representative for an academic competition, YOU were chosen to be one of the main characters on your musical play (aside from you're the only grade 1) on which you were recognized by your teachers, other parents and schoolmates - they applauded wildly while recognizing your skills-  that you were good at your craft! These experiences developed a lot about you. I knew you've done your best but as I always tell you, you won't be able to get everything that you wished for. All has to get their fair-share. For as long as you enjoyed this stage while doing your best then that what matters most for Mom and Dad. We love you so much and hmmm.. there will always be next time, right?  hahaha!!! Have fun, make friends, make your memories and learn!! 

GAE Silver - academic score of  92%- 92.99% , Excellence in Musical and The Performing Arts , MTAP Qualifier.

 Oh wait! There's more! Look at your school billboard! - You're in there!!! Artista na yan!

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