I'm Joan,twenty-something year old wife, married to the most patient man I have  ever known and at 26 I got four kids already. I got 4, 3, 3 and 1.

I've been battling with self-worth for the longest period of time until God put me to a test. A calling that I did not expect to happen in the midst of my career. A test that did not just happen once but trice. A calling called MOTHERHOOD, then my entire world changed. Never did I conceive that God has been pouring so much blessings in me eversince. Indeed, "blessings come wrapped in all different types of packages" and He purposely wrapped mine that way.

I started this blog mainly for one reason: TO EARN EXTRA MONEY. I don't how, I don't think it's possible, I just got inspired to those earning online and I tried.

But little did I know that this blog's purpose is not really to earn money, but more on to showcase the eloquent and altruistic part of me. I've been reunited with my long lost bestfriend - PEN. The typical, shy-type side of me was bleeped and here I am writing again.

I've been an avid fan of ONE-STOP-SHOP (well not because I am an ALL-in-ONE Client Support Professional). I was never an outgoing person, never been to many places. I feed my self with knowledge I see online. Anything useful and interesting enticed me to the fullest but it disappoints me when there's so much need of flipping sites back and forth. Many can attest that I am a good researcher, I kill dead-air with long, straight 9-hours just reading, searching and blog hoping. 

26 with 4 kids is my parenting lifestyle. I am not an expert. But it's all about ME, my PEN and my BIG mouth. Sharing ups and down of motherhood. 

I write about life. 26 with 4 kids was designed to share whatever firsthand experience I had regarding motherhood, parenting and anything beyond.
A sole purpose of sharing what I do best, what I know and what I just learned in dealing 4 tots at the same time! I'll make you wanna scream with me!!!

This blog is PR-friendly and will be accepting  direct advertisements soon.
You can get in touch with me for Events, Recommendations, Ad Placements, Giveaways and Sponsored Reviews.

Just drop me an email at joandestacio(at)gmail(dot)com.
 Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!